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QUIZ: Can you name each bladed weapon by the clue given?

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Knife most commonly used by Nepalese Ghurkas.
One of the largest swords ever made, wielded by Scottish warriors in the late medieval era.
Slashing sword with a curved blade originating in the middle east, seen on the Saudi Arabian flag.
Throwing weapon popularized in India. Usually semi-circular in shape; for use as duel-wield weapons.
Name given to the Chinese 'Horse Slaying' sword designed to slice the legs of charging cavalry.
Two-handed weapon often used by eastern European gunmen in the later middle ages. Large blade and wooden handle.
Large sword used in the region of Germany for hundreds of years, the name literally describes how to hold the weapon.
Modern close-quarters knife with the ability to launch the blade at the opponent using a spring loaded handle.
Name given to any single edged cutting tool in China, including swords, knives and axes.
Nickname for the knife used by the Israeli commando units in the middle east. Of American origin.

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