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What was the name given to the nuclear bomb tested by the USSR in 1961 that holds the record for the largest artificial explosions in human history?
The Char-2C is the largest tank ever deployed in combat, how many of these tanks were ever made?
Which massive beasts of war were famously transported over the Alps by the Carthaginian general Hannibal?
What is the name of the Scottish large caliber bombard that resides in Edinburgh Castle?
The 800mm Schwerer Gustav railway artillery piece was designed in the 30's by Germany to destroy which French fortification?
What was the name of the Soviet ICBM that claims the title of heaviest tactical missile ever made?
At a displacement of 48,000 tons what is the largest class of submarine ever deployed?
What class of Naval vessel, weighing 72,800 tons and armed with 46cm guns, was deployed by the IJN during WW2?
What year was the American B-52 Superfortress finally retired in after 17 years of service?
What is the name, literally translated as 'Taker of Cities', of the massive siege towers used in the siege of Rhodes?

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