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Some questions about the Opium Wars.

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How many seperate wars are said to have happened during the 'Opium Wars'?
What was the name of the Armoured British Steamship tested in the First Opium War?
Which river did the Britsh sail up in order to capture the Chinese tax barges?
Which city was bombarded by the British in retaliation for the Chinese capturing a ship flying the Union Jack?
Which palace was burned after the British Victory of the Second Opium War?
What was the name of the forts bombarded by the USA in support of British and French troops?
From which country was Britain moving opium to China from?
Under which admiral did the French and British join forces?
What have Chinese nationalists nicknamed the 19th Century due mainly to these wars?
Which area neighboring Hong Kong was ceded to Britain after the Second Opium War?

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