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How much do you know about the tanks used during the world wars?

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What was the caliber (in mm) of the Flak cannon that was modified for use in Tiger Tanks by Germany during WW2?
What did the initials 'TOG' stand for in the name of the experimental British heavy tank?
What was the weight of the heaviest shell fired by the Karl-Gerat siege gun to the nearest metric tonne?
The fabled German 'Ratte' tank was to be a terrifying creation (cancelled due to logistical problems). What would the weight, in metric tonnes, of a single Ratte have been?
What was the name given to the strange Russian WW1 tank prototype that was abandoned due to its rear wheels getting stuck in mud during tests?
How many crew members were needed to operate a British Mk.1 tank?
Which Russian tank model was equipped with a heavy 85mm gun in order to combat the threat of the heavy German Tiger tanks?
What was the name of the French super-heavy tank, produced too late for active service in WW1 but still holding the title of largest tank ever used in active duty?
What was the name of another French tank deployed in WW1, renowned for implementing the first turret capable of traversing 360 degrees?
The M18 Hellcat was the fastest tank deployed in WW2, but what was it's top operational speed? (In Mph)

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