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Short, sturdy soldiers hailing from the mountainous regions of Nepal, renowned for their stamina and bravery.
Personal guard of the Pope, known for their discipline and colourful uniforms.
Soldiers making up the thousand strong elite fighting unit of the Persian Empire. When killed one of these soldiers was immediately replaced to keep the numbers constant.
Guard of the Roman emperor, clad in purple and tasked with both protecting their leader and crushing riots within Rome itself.
Section of the French Army made up of foreign nationals, known for having an extremely high casualty rate and brutal training regime.
Mainly Scottish unit in the British army, traditionally clad in a dark kilt and known for their humanity on the battlefield.
Soldiers hailing from the Peloponnesian peninsula in Greece, famed as some of the best warriors in history.
Military branch of Hitler's personal bodyguard; had access to the best equipment and were fanatical in combat.
Spanish mounted soldiers, used mainly in colonial conquests on the American continent, equipped with light plate armour and a easily recognisable pointed helmet
Russian Special Forces, training consists of brutal tasks aiming to create a soldier with no inhibitions when violence is involved.
Name for a body of Zulu warriors. Trained to march extraordinary distance these men were often forced to travel over 50 miles a day to toughen their bodies and minds.
Nickname given to the 7th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht; famous for their leading the push for the Channel during Fall Gelb
Elite Turkish units that made up the Sultan's personal guard. Made use of muskets and a terrifying 80mm 'Trench Gun'.
Personal bodyguard of the Byzantine Emperor, made up almost entirely from Germanic Warriors
Heavy Armoured shock cavalry that served under many Eurasian states for over 2000 years. These horsemen wore heavy scaled armour and were a noted force for hundreds of years

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