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QUIZ: Can you name the figures on the French Franc bills since 1959?

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Value and YearNameTips
1.. 5 Francs 1959Politician, writer (Notre-Dame de Paris, Les Misérables), poet, essayist, playwriter (1802-1885)
2.. 5 Francs 1966Microbiologist, creator of the vaccine for the rabies (1822-1895)
3. 10 Francs 1959Chief Minister of Louis XIII in his youth (1585-1642)
4. 10 Francs 1963Philosopher and writer (Candide), figure of the Age of Enlightenment (1694-1778)
5. 10 Francs 1972Romantic composer (Symphonie Fantastique) (1803-1869)
6. 20 Francs 1997Impressionist composer (Préludes, Syrinx, Rêverie) (1862-1918)
7. 50 Francs 1959King, granted rights to the Protestant people by the Edict of Nantes (1553-1610)
8. 50 Francs 1962Dramatist (Andromaque, Bérénice, Phèdre) (1639-1699)
9. 50 Francs 1976Portraitist of Voltaire, Louis XV... (1704-1788)
10. 50 Francs 1992Aviator and writer (The Little Prince, Night Flight, Wind Sand and Stars) (1900-1944)
Value and YearNameTips
11. 100 Francs 1959First Emperor of the French (1769-1821)
12. 100 Francs 1964Dramatist (L'Illusion Comique, Le Cid) (1606-1684)
13. 100 Francs 1978Romantic painter (Liberty Leading the People) (1798-1863)
14. 100 Francs 1997Post-Impressionist painter (Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier, Forest) (1839-1906)
15. 200 Francs 1981Political philosophist (Persian Letters, The Spirit of the Laws, System of Ideas) (1689-1755)
16. 200 Francs 1995Structural Engineer (Tower to his name in Paris, Statue of Liberty) (1832-1923)
17. 500 Francs 1959Playwright (Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Miser, The Imaginary Invalid) (1622-1673)
18. 500 Francs 1968Scientist (A famous triangle to his name) and philosophist (Pensées, De l'Esprit Géométrique, Provincial Letters) (1623-1662)
19. 500 Francs 1994Scientist from Polish origin, 2 Nobel Prizes, discoverer with her husband of Radium and Polonium (1867-1934)

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