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Grass type/ 20 damageRecovers half damage inflicted to the foe
Normal type/ 150 damageRecharge next turn
Bug type/ 75 damage10% to confuse foe
Rock type/ 100 damageHigh critical ratio
Fire type/ 100 damage50% to burn foe
Ice type/ 65 damage10% to flinch or 10% freeze foe
Electric type/ - damageParalyses the opponent
Poison type/ 120 damageOnly works if user has eaten a berry
Psychic type/ 65 damage10% to confuse foe
Fighting type/ 40 damageRaises Atk by 1 stage
Water type/ 90 damageSpread move (hits all pokemon except itself)
Flying type/ 120 damageLowers users Def and SpD
Dark type/ - damage50% to hit, put foe to sleep
Steel type/ 90 damage20% to raise user's Atk
Ghost type/ - damageWorks different on ghost types
Ground type/ 120 damageSpread move (hits all pokemon except itself)
Fairy type/ 80 damageHits all foes
Dragon type/ 80 damageNo additional effect

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