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QUIZ: Can you name the Marvel Characters?

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Real NameAlter-ego
Frank Castle
Sam Wilson
Cletus Kasady
John Allerdyce
Fred Dukes
Ororo Munroe
Elektra Natchios
Charles Xavier
Alex Hayden
Mortimer Toynbee
Bruce Banner
Bobby Drake
Elizabeth Braddock
Pietro Maximoff
Katherine Pryde
Yelena Belova
Nathan Summers
Janet Van Dyne
Tony Stark
May Parker
Jean Grey
Scott Lang
Cain Marko
Wilson Fisk
Real NameAlter-ego
Steve Rogers
Erik Lensherr
Jennifer Walters
Natasha Romanov
Emil Blonsky
Warren Worthington III
Reed Richards
Alexander Gentry
Lucas Bishop
Maxwell Dillon
En Sbah Nur
Scott Summers
Peter Parker
Matt Murdock
Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Eddie Brock
Otto Octavius
Victor Von Doom
Jake Olson
Johnny Blaze
Carol Danvers
Susan Richards
Johnny Storm
Clint Barton
Felicia Hardy
Real NameAlter-ego
Jim Rhodes
Rick Mason
Remy Lebeau
Ben Grimm
Stephen Strange
Wade Wilson
Wanda Maximoff
Hank Pym
Daniel Rand-K'ai
Johan Schmidt
Hank McCoy
Loki Laufeyson
Raven Darkholme
Curt Conners
Victor Creed
William Baker
Namor Mckenzie
Kurt Wagner
Norrin Radd
Norman Osbourne
James Howlett

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