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Can you name the Can you name the Doctor Who monster, alien and/or villan by haiku?

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Forced Order
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HaikuMonster/Villan/AlienHome Planet
lovely, creepy statue/whatever you do don't blink/in a quantum lock
Made to serve people/have tenticles and sphere/link must be broken
Only one weekness/cuases them to fight harder/blood is very green
Cosmic engineer/died in a star explosion/co-found Gallifrey
made by the nestenes/look like plastic dummies/Mickey became one
old friend of doctor/went crazy from time vortex/and a friend no more
Lack names, emotion/cybernetic humanoid/that gives it away
very tricky guy/'bad' version of the doctor/tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
Wear bio-armor/sense of personal honour/very cold, and ice
Some have a third eye/reptilian humanoid/compare with sea devil
hate verything/ from Skaro, exterminate!/ in medal cassing

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