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League of Legends Trivia ranging from champs and abilities to lore and Easter eggs. Valid as of 06/06/17, Patch 7.11

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Forced Order
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What is the name of the 'buff' that Jinx gets if there is a Caitlyn or a Vi on the opposing team?
Who killed Kalista?
How many pairs of siblings exist in League of Legends? (spell the number)Vi and Jinx have never been confirmed.
What champion can be seen referenced on a stone mural next to Gromp in red side jungle?
How many champions have ultimates that make themselves immune to crowd control? (spell the number)Specifically CC, not pure immunity or un-tagetable, e.g Lissandra or Camille.
Which removed item granted attack damage based on max health?
How many champion names begin with the letter S?
What is the connection between Azir, Xerath & Sivir? (There are others though)
How much gold is a ranged minion worth?
At what time in game does Baron first Nashor Spawn?
Who should always be banned?
How many champions have had skins with just their name twice in the title? (spell the number)
How many champions were there in the original batch?
Who is Amumu's only friend?
Heart of ____ (R.I.P)Who doesn't miss this item?
Which champion had an april fools Champion Spotlight where the screen was very blurred?
Who trained Wukong in the art of Wuju?
What item has the most base Attack Speed?
What is the name of Corki's vehicle?Short / acronym OR full name
Who is the current leader of Noxus?

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