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Green-skinned warrior race
Old, arrogant pointy-eared race
Short, simple race similar to humans
Large, ugly race that live in caves or under bridges.
Green-skinned tribal race regarded as pests
Short, bearded race that live in large underground cities
Reptilian, primitive humanoids that live in swamps
Huge, winged reptilian beasts
Small and ugly, often considered pests; often live in sewers
Winged beasts made of stone often set to guarding a place
Giant, tentacled sea monsters of legend
Large barbaric race that are considered to be gullible or stupid
Undead creature that feeds on the life force of the living
Wolflike beast that hunts during a full moon
Sea creatures that are half human, half fish.
Animate and sentient trees
Undead wizard that has sealed his/her soul into an object to become immortal
Reptilian beast with multiple heads that regrow
Half eagle, half lion
Half man, half bull
Half man, half horse
Half man, half goat
A female race that takes care of nature
Animate humanoid creature made of earth or metal
Small, winged, mischievious creatures considered to be pests
Powerful undead knights or warriors
Sentient embodiment of an element
Undead scavengers that feast on corpses
Ruthless dog-like humanoids
Fiery birds that are reborn upon dying

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