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Syle of popular music originating in Oran
Anti-colonialist Kikuyu rebels in the 50s
Oldest university in Africa still in operation
Founders of the Ashanti Empire
15th-16th century Songhaï centre of scholarship
Country gained independence on 6 March 1957
7th century Berber priestess who fought the Arabs
1840s migrants to South Africa's interior
First President of Guinea
Rainforest in northeastern Congo
Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel
Semi-arid region of Southwest Africa
Widespread West African trade language
14th century southern African city
First national park in Africa
Capital of Madagascar
Harsh region in Djibouti and Eritrea
First Prime Minister of Kenya
Yoruba Orisha of thunder
19th century Omani Sultan who moved his capital to Zanzibar
Highest point in Africa
Series of wars between Rome and Carthage
19th century founder of the Wassoulou Empire
Official language of Mozambique
Traditional West African storytellers/musicians
Spider trickster in Ashanti mythology
Grandson of Cleopatra and Mark Antony
Religious leaders of Mali's Dogon ethnic group
Communist regime that ousted Haile Selassie I
10th century Isma'ili Shi'a Caliphate
Mamluk Khedive and founder of modern Egypt
Source of the Nile
Smallest country in Africa
Symbolic bird of the Poro in Sierra Leone
Famous 16th century Kongo ruler
Southernmost point in Africa
Traditional East African boat
Founder of Mali Empire immortalized in epic poem
Artistic movement celebrating pan-African identity
1984 airlifting of Ethiopian Jews to Israel
Minority group targetted in Rwanda genocide
Predominant religion in Mauritius
National animal of South Africa
Non-Muslim tribes of northwest Cameroon
Capital of Chad
Scattering of Nguni tribes in the 19th century
Afrikaans word for a cattle corral
Lion-headed Meroitic deity
21-stringed instrument from West Africa
Sufi leader who led pacifist protest against the French
Nigerian civilization from the first century AD
Ethnic group famed for wearing veils
Earth colored cloth from Mali
Founder of the Kimbanguist church
Crocodile-headed ancient Egyptian deity
Several groups of North Atlantic islands
Arabic derived script for Mandé languages
Brought Christianity to Aksum in the 4th century
kiSwahili word for lion
Mountain range in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
National bird of Uganda
Spanish enclaves in Morocco
Dry, dusty region south of the Sahara
Nickname for Nigeria's national football team
Apocryphal text about the son of King Solomon

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