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Can you name the Caliphs/Imams of the Fatimid Empire?

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Founder and descendent of the Ahl-ul-Bayt through Fatimia al-Zahra (A.S.). Built first capital at Mahdia in North Africa.909-934
Helped conquer Ifriqiya, never left Mahdia after becoming Caliph934-946
Put down Abu Yazid's revolt, installed Kalbid governers in Sicily946-953
Conquered Egypt and moved capital to Cairo, noted for tolerance of Copts, credited with inventing fountain pen953-975
al-Azhar built in his reign, Mecca recognized his authority975-996
Founder of the Druze faith, noted for his highly erratic behavior996-1021
Rebuilt Church of the Holy Sepulchre with aid from Byzantines1021–1036
Longest reigning Caliph, invited Banu Hilal to settle Ifriqiya1036–1094
Deposed his brother, leading to split between Bohras and Nizaris1094–1101
Lost Tyre to the Crusaders, assassinated by radical Nizaris1101–1130
His ascension led to schism with the Tayyibis (modern Bohras)1130–1149
Fatimid rule in Egypt very weak, lost Palestine to Crusaders1149–1154
Ascended throne as child, actual power held by viziers1154–1160
Final Fatimid Caliph, overthrown by Salah al-Din1160–1171

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