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Forced Order
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A shows the girls the rest of the incriminating video of Ian and Ali at the kissing rock
Spencer breaks down completely and is admitted into Radley Sanitarium
Aria saves Spencer from passing out in the locked steam room
Emily moves into the DiLaurentis house
Lucas takes Hanna out on a Canoe ride
Hanna and Emily are locked in Noel's Cabin
Hanna tells Caleb that 'A' is indeed back
Paige kisses Emily for the first time (before Em knew she was gay too)
Spencer and Mona compete for position of Scholastic Decathlon captain
Shana tells Spencer that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake
Hanna finds the key to 'A's lair after she is attacked in an empty store
Garrett is arrested at Spencer's house
The girls discover that Jenna can see again
Emily finds the key Ali hid in the snowglobe
Caleb starts to hack into A's phone
Hanna drops her phone in water to stop her mom from seeing her texts from A
Toby becomes fed up with Spencer keeping secrets from him and walks out on her
A makes Hanna break Lucas' heart in return for the money her mother stole
Hanna, Emily and Aria search Melissa's apartment and find the Black Swan feather
Spencer vandalizes Toby's mom's memorial
Emily is given an anonymous massage
Caleb and Toby work together to track down red coat
A flashback is seen where Alison and the girls crash a college party
Spencer is tricked into letting Ezra know that he has a son
The girls try to block texts from unknown numbers, only to make things worse
Emily first realizes that she was drugged the night Ali's grave was dug up
Emily's shoulder is badly injured
Spencer and Emily break into Jason's shed out of suspicion
Hanna gets hit by a car
CeCe tells Spencer that Paige and Alison hated each other
Spencer finds out that Jason is her half brother
Hanna saves Jenna from the fire at Jason's house
The girls discover Alison disguised herself as Vivian Darkbloom

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