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What was stolen from Peter Hasting's office desk
Pretended to kill Alison the night she went missing
Tried to get Ashley off of A's trail by falsly confessing to sending Hanna the shoplifting report
Ali's nickname for the boy she dated the summer she disappeared
Worked with Aria to trick their parents into thinking they are dating to hide their real wherabouts
Saved Jenna from the fire at Jason's house
Full name of the actor who plays Ezra Fitz
Is framed for vandilizing someone's car
Punched Ezra when Ezra and Aria revealed their relationship
Was strangled, but rescued, on the halloween 'ghost train'
Was never paid by Alison for finding who sent her blocked texts
Gambled away Caleb's money carelessly
Identified by Mona in beginning of season 4 to be the masked Queen of Hearts in the video
Was suspected of being A towards the end of season 2
Was the one who, according to Mona, unofficially (and anonomously) gave Emily a massage
Kills the snake that almost attacked Spencer in a dressing room
Blackmailed Ezra to get better grades in class
Name of the executive producer of the show
What Toby's tattoo says
Lies to his friends that he and Aria hooked up when she rejected his kiss
Maya's stalker from True North who pretended to be her cousin 'Nate'
Author of the book series which the show is loosely based off of
Flew Ali in a helicopter the weekend she disappeared
Pays Ashley's bail money
The translation of the phrase that 'NAT' (the club) stands for
Used Hanna's phone to send naked pictures to hanna's contacts
Was supposed to help Alison play a scary joke on the girls during Halloween
Discovered A's identity in the episode before the season two summer finale
Sends one of the girls a fake A text to see if 'A' is back
Was put in Ella's car by A
Started to play a stripping game
Decided by the police to be the murder weapon used to kill Alison
Suggested for Ashley to look in Hanna's phone for her secrets
Felt guilty for a long time that he may have killed Alison while he was drunk
Pulled Alison out of the ground when she was buried alive
Killed Maya's stalker/killer out of self defense
Falls onto the hood of Spencer and Toby's car while they are out of town
Wore the Ali mask (beneath the Caleb look-a-like) on the ghost train
Ezra's brother
Full name of the actress who plays Hanna Marin
Found the broken piece of Jason's hockey stick
Sings the theme song
Full name of the actress who plays Alison DiLaurentis
Ashley's lawyer
The first person suspected in the show, after Alison, of being 'A'
Gave the missing page 5 of Alison's autopsy to the police
Was labled as 'the weakest link' in season 2
The person Ashley hits with her car
Name of the college Spencer and Emily visited together
Intercepted Caleb's apology to Hanna at end of season 1

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