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Considered one of the nation's filthiest rivers
Process by which individuals and groups try to influence or control policies and acctions
Government by the people through elected officials and representatives
Three branches of government are...
Consists of laws, rules, and regulations related to an environmental problem that are developed, implemented, and enforced by a particular government agency
Our understanding of nature and of consequences of our actions is quite limited
Whenever possible, make decisions that help prevent a problem from occurring or becoming worse
Make decisions that involve integrated solutions to environmental and other problems
All people have a right to an environment that does not harm their health and well-being
One of the fastest-growing segments of the economy
Congress and composed of the House of Representatives
Consists of the president, and a staff that together oversee the various agencies authorized by Congress to carry out government policies
Consists of a complex and layered series of courts at the local, state, and federal levels
A body of statements defining what is reasonable environment behavior for individuals and groups
developed and passed by legislative bodies such as federal and state governments
consist of administrative rules and regulations, executive orders, and enforcement decisions related the the implementation and interpretation of statutory laws
Body of unwritten rules and principles derived from thousands of past legal decisions along with community accepted practices within a society
body of legal opinions derived from past court decisions
the party bringing the charge
the party being charged

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