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Designed to encourage mineral exploration and the mining of hardrock minerals
Science devoted to the study of dynamic processes occurring on the earths surface and in its interior
earth's innermost zone
solid rock, but under the asthenosphere its very hot, partly melted rock
outermost and thinnest zone of the earth
geological changes originating in the earth's interior and generally build up the planets surface
move large volumes of rock and heat in loops within the mantle
mantle rock flows slowly upward in a column
theory explaining the movements of plates and the processes that occur at their boundaries
plates move apart in opposite directions
plates are pushed together by internal forces
plates slide and grind past one another along a fault
process by which material is dissolved, loosened, or worn away from one area and deposited in another
consists of the physical, chemical, and biological break down of rocks rock and minerals into smaller particles
formed when molten rock wells up the the earths mantle and cools and hardens

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