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Toshiba televisions are ment to be the most slippery when greased
on average 56 people take will eat half a melon
Holland is the only place to have a national dog
Popcorn was invented by indians
If a piano was upside down it would not play
A goldfish's attention span is 3 seconds
Worms reportedly taste like bacon
When a Photo is taken of you, you will also feel hungary after
FactTrue Or False
China has only one time zone
Blue t-shirts are more clear under the sea than any other colour
Cold water weighs less than hot water
Stewie from family guy was orignally going to be called brian and brian was going to be called stewie
It takes nine years to fully digest potato
you have to play ping pong for 12 hours to lose just one pound
A woman in ohio has collected 93,000 broken wii controllers

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