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QUIZ: Can you name the actors and actresses who portrayed named characters from both Marvel and DC Comics in live action television or film?

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Marvel Role(s)Actor or ActressDC Role(s)
Matt Murdock/DaredevilBruce Wayne/Batman
Algrim/KurseWaylon Jones/Killer Croc
Vanessa/CopycatLeslie Thompkins
Ororo Monroe/StormPatience Phillips*/Catwoman
ThanosJonah Hex
HeimdallWilliam Roque
Johnny Storm/Human Torch; Steve Rogers/Captain AmericaJake Jensen
YukioTatsu Yamashiro/Katana
Marcus Scarlotti/WhiplashCarter Hall/Hawkman
Korath the PursuerPapa Midnite
Yuriko Oyama / Lady DeathstrikeChien Na Wei/China White
Nick FuryThe Octopus
Natasha Romanoff/Black WidowSilken Floss
Marvel Role(s)Actor or ActressDC Role(s)
Chester PhillipsHarvey Dent/Two Face
Cain Marko/JuggernautDanny 'Brick' Brickwell
Dum Dum DuganDamien Darhk
Mariko YashidaMercy Graves
Jane FosterEvey Hammond
Drake/DraculaMick Rory/Heat Wave
Hannibal King; Wade Wilson/DeadpoolHal Jordan/Green Lantern
GamoraAisha al-Fadhil
Paul BudianskyWalter Steele
J. Jonah JamesonCommissioner James Gordon
Frank D'Amico*Sinestro
The Ancient OneGabriel
Johann Schmidt/The Red SkullV

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