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Can you name the words or names in every Sporcle category? Answers are either a single word containing a double w, or a 2-word name or phrase where both names start with W (and both have to be entered).

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Entertainment: DC Comics superheroine and founding member of the Justice League.
Gaming: Axis & Allies is a series of strategy board games set during ______ ____ II.
Geography: Another term for the Occident; covers Europe and countries with substantial European ancestral populations.
History: Scottish warrior celebrated in Braveheart.
Holiday: 4th August is National ____ ____ Day, celebrating the golden-hued variety of fermented grape juice.
Just For Fun: Fill in the word missing from this joke. Why did the chicken say 'Meow, oink, ___-___, moo? She was studying foreign languages!
Language: A social gathering of Native American communities, or any meeting for discussion.
Literature: ____ _____ are supernatural creatures in A Song of Ice and Fire (see Game of Thrones image above).
Miscellaneous: Blue and white ceramics decorated with a design of a large tree by a little bridge, Chinese in origin.
Movies: ____ ____ & the Chocolate Factory, 1971 musical starring Gene Wilder based on a Roald Dahl book.
Music: Sam Cooke song; the first person narrator, not an A student, wouldn't do well on Sporcle!
Religion: An ancient limestone structure in Jerusalem, originally part of the Temple; a holy site in Judaism.
Science: Common name for insects notable for bioluminescence.
Sports: _____ _____ rafting, an extreme sport using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of rough water.
Television: The ____ ____, American political drama created by Aaron Sorkin and starring Martin Sheen.

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