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Geography and History
Edinburgh is the capital city of which constituent country of the United Kingdom? 
Edinburgh is the seventh most populous city in the United Kingdom. To the nearest 100,000, what is the population of the city? 
Edinburgh sits on the southern shore of the Firth (Estuary) of Forth. What is the UNESCO World Heritage monument which spans the estuary? 
An extinct volcano is the highest point in Edinburgh, dominating Holyrood Park. Its name may or may not have a connection with an ancient British king. What is it? 
Which Edinburgh building is the most visited paid-for tourist attraction in Scotland? 
Who lives in Holyroodhouse when in Edinburgh? 
What is the name of the thoroughfare which runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyroodhouse through the Old Town? 
What building designed by Spanish Catalan architect Enric Miralles opened at Holyrood in 2004? 
St Giles' Cathedral, also known as the High Kirk, is the central place of worship in Edinburgh of which Christian denomination ? 
In the 18th century the city extended to the north and the New Town was built, in which architectural style? 
What is the main shopping street in Edinburgh, which is also the southernmost street of the New Town and the site of the public gardens below the Castle? 
After London, Edinburgh is the largest centre in the UK for two major service industries. Name one. 
How many universities are there in Edinburgh? 
Who is to date the only British Prime Minister (2007-10) to graduate from Edinburgh University? 
Edinburgh Airport is the busiest in Scotland. What is the top city destination for passengers? 
What is the name of the principal railway station in Edinburgh? 
Science and Ideas
John Knox was a Calvinist minister and a pivotal figure in the Protestant Reformation. He clashed with the Catholic queen of Scotland, who fled to England. Who was she? 
Name the Edinburgh mathematician who discovered logarithms and popularised the use of the decimal point. One of Edinburgh's universities is named after him. 
During the Scottish Enlightenment (18th century), Edinburgh was called the ______ of the North because of its new buildings and reputation for learning. 
Name the multi-volume general knowledge compendium first published in Edinburgh in 1768 and updated continuously since. It was for a time sold door to door. 
Which Edinburgh resident wrote The Wealth of Nations, which is considered the first modern work of economics? 
Which Edinburgh native is best known for his empiricist approach to philosophy and A Treatise of Human Nature? 
Mungo Park qualified as a doctor in Edinburgh and then went to West Africa where he was the first European to reach the central portion of which major river, after which two countries are named? 
Name the English biologist, who was sent to Edinburgh to study medicine but preferred natural history, geology and taxidermy. Author of The Origin of Species. 
Name the Edinburgh-born inventor and engineer credited with patenting the first practical telephone. 
Who was 'The Father of Modern Surgery'? Professor of Surgery at Edinburgh University in the 1870s; pioneer of antisepsis and asepsis for surgery. 
Who was the Edinburgh-born mathematical physicist who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation? 
Edinburgh has long been a centre for medical education. Name the infamous duo who turned to murder early in the 19th century to supply anatomists with cadavers for dissection. 
In 1869 the University of Edinburgh became the first British university to accept ____ as students. 
Edinburgh Zoo is the only British zoo to have two ____ _______, which arrived from China in 2011 but have yet to breed. 
Edinburgh scientists were the first to succeed in cloning an animal, whose stuffed carcass is now in the National Museum of Scotland. What was her name? 
Name the Edinburgh-based theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize laureate for his work on the mass of subatomic particles, notably the boson. 
Culture and Sport
Who is this? Began writing her bestselling children's book series while sitting in Edinburgh coffee shops with her baby daughter. 
Name the Edinburgh-born writer of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 
Name the Edinburgh-born creator of Sherlock Holmes. 
Who is the novelist and poet commemorated by a Gothic monument on Princes Street; author of Ivanhoe and Rob Roy? 
Who is the Edinburgh-based crime writer whose Inspector Rebus novels are almost all set in the city? 
Name the 1961 novel by Edinburgh-born Muriel Spark, set in the city and subsequently filmed there, earning Maggie Smith a Best Actress Oscar. 
Name the 1993 novel by Irvine Welsh set in Edinburgh and filmed there in 1996 by Danny Boyle. 
Who is the Edinburgh-born actor most famous for playing James Bond? 
Edinburgh-born twins Charlie and Craig Reid had hits with Sunshine on Leith, Letters from America and I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). How are they better known? 
What is the largest annual programme of cultural events in the world, held every August throughout Edinburgh. 
Sir Henry Raeburn's 1790s painting The Reverend Robert Walker ________ on Duddingston Loch is better known as The _____ Minister. 
What is the largest sports stadium in Scotland and home of Scottish Rugby Union? 
Name the international multi-sport event, formerly known as the British Empire Games, held in Edinburgh in 1970 and 1986. 
Name the Edinburgh-born cyclist, Scotland's most successful Olympian and one of the most successful Olympians of all time. 
There are two professional football clubs based in Edinburgh; name one. 
A course in Musselburgh on the outskirts of Edinburgh is the oldest in the world for which sport, which originated in Scotland? 

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