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Can you name the 'SAN' words or phrases in every Sporcle category? The letter string SAN appears somewhere in the word or phrase. Enter the full phrase or name where the first word is the one including the letter string SAN.

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Lead female character in Grease 
Italian first name of Volta and Scarlatti 
Quote: Euphemisms are _________ truths wearing diplomatic cologne. Quentin Crisp 
En _______, French term for a chess move ('In passing') 
Children's free play toy where buckets and spades may be found 
Grand Theft Auto: ___ _______ is set in a fictional US state named for a geological fault line (two words). 
___ Marino 
South American capital city 
Type of shoal which can be a hazard to shipping 
A period in European history notable for major developments in art, architecture, politics, science and literature 
Bernie _______, US politician 
Pre-industrial agricultural worker 
January 30th is National ________ Day, celebrating a crescent-shaped French pastry 
April Fool: The Guardian invented the island nation of San Serriffe for its classic hoax. Name the typographical term on which the name is based. 
Christmas: _____ Claus 
Just For Fun
Missing word: I'm afraid he's a few __________ short of a picnic. 
Word play: A canoeist lit a fire to keep warm, but his canoe ____, proving that you can't have your kayak and heat it. 
Mixed word: Unscramble Sienna to get a crazy word. 
Logogram representing the word 'and' 
A skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand 
Ancient Indo-European language in which many sacred texts of the Indian subcontinent were written 
First name of Pevensie, Sto Helit or Delgado 
The ___________, play by Molière about a man with a low opinion of humanity 
First name of Nobel Laureate Solzhenitsyn 
Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer 
Very hard Italian cheese which can be shaved or grated 
École Polytechnique Fédérale de ________, world-leading Swiss science and technology university 
Sword-and- ______, a genre of historical or bibilical epics popular in the 1950s and 60s 
______ Bullock, US actor and producer 
Cult 1998 fantasy about twins trapped in a 1950s TV show set in an idyllic Midwest town 
American Latin rock band named after its founder and lead guitarist 
You might leave your heart here or visit with flowers in your hair (two words). 
Oh! _______ , a minstrel song by Stephen Foster, is among the most popular American songs ever written. 
The most sacred part of a place of worship or a place of refuge, originally within a mediaeval church 
Greek mythology: a Trojan princess with the gift of prophecy but cursed never to be believed 
Aromatic wood central to worship in all the major Eastern religions 
Frederick, double Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, or Margaret, birth control pioneer 
Popular garden plant originally from East Asia, whose name comes from the Greek words for 'gold' and 'flower'. 
_________: engineering and public health priority to ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste substances 
Using flat pieces of wood to ride down dunes in deserts or coastal areas, similar to a sport with a similar name found in snowy areas 
The _______, semi-retired professional wrestler, named for a mythical character who puts people to sleep 
US city, home of the Padres but no longer of the Chargers (two words) 
_______ Little Helper, name of the Simpson family pet 
In the 1950s a radio quiz show transferred to TV. Its top prize had been $64 but was now increased by how many times? (The prize became the name of the TV show.) 
Elder Stark daughter in Game of Thrones 

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