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Can you name the words or names in every Sporcle category? Answers are either a single word containing a double o or a 2-word name or phrase where both names start with O (and both have to be entered).

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Entertainment: The ____ of Mormon, religious satire musical.
Gaming: Chess piece also sometimes known as a castle.
Geography: African country.
History: Unusually shaped room in the White House (see picture above).
Holiday: April ____ Day, a traditional day to play practical jokes.
Just For Fun: Fill in the word missing from this joke. How did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his coffee before it was ____!
Language: 2-word phrase meaning a unique person, or an event happening only once and not expected to be repeated.
Literature: In both Vanity Fair and Les Misérables , the Battle of _______ in 1815 is a pivotal event, marking the end of the Napoleonic Wars.
Miscellaneous: a fat obtained from the fruit of a tree cultivated in areas with Mediterranean climates.
Movies: Nickname for the Hindi language film industry, formed from Bombay (former name of Mumbai) and the home of the US film industry.
Music: English singer and reality TV star, intermittently the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath.
Religion: In ancient Greece, Selene was the goddess of the ____.
Science: A body fluid pumped around the body by the heart to deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove waste products.
Sports: Generic term for games where players kick a spherical object around a pitch.
Television: US actress; Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb, Marceline the Vampire Queen in Adventure Time, Joanna, the child singer in Love Actually.

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