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Can you name the words or names in every Sporcle category? Answers are either a single word containing a double l or a 2-word name or phrase where both names start with L (and both have to be entered).

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Entertainment: Superman's principal adversary.
Gaming: Board game played with black and white counters, also known as Reversi.
Geography: British overseas territory in the Caribbean.
History: British Prime Minister given a state funeral in 1965 (see picture above).
Holiday: Celebration, probably of Celtic or Pagan origin, on the eve of All Saints' Day.
Just For Fun: Fill in the word missing from this joke. What's a short psychic killer on the run? A ______ medium at large!
Language: To have the ______ ________, i.e. to have the final success in an argument after previous defeat.
Literature: George ______, writer of 1984 and Animal Farm.
Miscellaneous: Type of boot, or name for a meat dish made by wrapping a joint of meat in puff pastry and baking.
Movies: __ __ Land, 2016 American romantic musical comedy-drama film about a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles.
Music: US band who had a big hit with their cover of La Bamba in 1987.
Religion: Olympian god of light, prophecy, music and medicine. Symbols include the sun and the lyre.
Science: Largest living primate, a forest-dwelling African ape.
Sports: Top professional association (soccer) football division in the Spanish league system.
Television: First name of Captain Kirk actor.

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