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QUIZ: Can you name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder?

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Clue4-letter wordRung
With [rung 61], the procrastinator's greatest fear.1
'I'll start in a minute. First, I'll just ____ through the latest posts on Sporcle groups.'2
In the face of a [rungs 1 and 61], the procrastinator is a broken ____.3
'I'll get started soon. Right now, I see a quiz about garden flowers and ____s. I'll just try that.'4
A period of time that seems endless when the [rungs 1 and 61] is still this long away.5
'I'll just ____ at Sporcle for a few minutes…. Then I'll get cracking.' Six hours later…6
An employment benefit, more likely to be given to the non-procrastinator.7
'Before I start, I'll just think what to make for dinner. Beef or ____?'8
This is what the procrastinator puts off.9
'I know - I'll have a go at a ____ ladder.'10
'I must get up and move about for a bit. I've been sitting at this desk so long I'm worried I've damaged my spinal ____.'11
'It's been a long day. Time to pull the ____ out of the bottle.'12
'I can make a start later. Right now I think I should ____ the [rung 8].'13
'Of course I can catch up. I just have to keep my ____.'14
'Oh - a quiz asking the difference between snooker, billiards and ____. I know that!'15
Next day the procrastinator thinks '____ me! I don't want to do this right now.'16
'I'd rather be Sporcling at home and ____ing a nice [rung 14] beer.'17
'There's still lots of time. I can spare half an ____ to catch up with Sporcle first.'18
Next day: 'How beautiful the ____-covered grass is on this freezing morning. It's important to make time to gaze out of the window.'19
'They can't really mean they want it by then! It must be a ____.'20
A soft-hearted manager may attempt to do this to a procrastinating employee to help them get started.21
A hard-hearted manager may tell the procrastinating employee to get this and leave.22
One of the many tempting displacement activities the procrastinator favours, which may delay everyone else too.23
'____ else could I do before I start this task?' thinks the procrastinator.24
The feeling in the solar plexus when the [rungs 1 and 61] is imminent and almost nothing is [rung 54].25
The procrastinator is expert at looking busy, but it is all a ____.26
The procrastinator ____s the laptop shut. 'Now, I really must get down to it!'27
'Oh, but look - that fence has a broken ____. I really ought to fix that first.'28
'A ___ machine! I haven't played on one of these for a long time. I deserve a break.'29
'I'll just clean up that ___ by the coal scuttle before I start. It's been there for weeks, time it was dealt with.'30
The procrastinator is still at the ____ of the mountain and can see no way to get to the top.31
'Why can't I just get on with it? What a ____ I am always leaving everything to the last minute!'32
'I always have such good intentions - but I ____ my own plan by not carrying them through.'33
The procrastinator is expert at putting off the evil moment when this has to begin.34
Consequently, the procrastinator is always behind, like the cow's ____.35
'Not meeting a [rungs 1 and 61] is a big ____.'36
'Missing a [rungs 1 and 61] might result in a ____ from grace.'37
'And yet, even with a [rung 1 and 61] looming, Sporcle does not ____,' thinks the procrastinator, checking the Badges page again.38
The manager realises how much there still is to do and goes ____ with shock.39
____ Carnegie's famous book 'How to win friends and influence people' goes out of the window!40
'You've known the [rungs 1 and 61] since last month! It's due on this ____, which is imminent now. '41
'At this ____, it will never get finished!'42
'Oh ____, I really have to get down to it now,' thinks the procrastinator.43
'I would so much rather be out there in the sunshine catching some ____ than in here trying to [rung 9].'44
'But after all, there are still two ____. Lots of [rung 57]! I could just have another try at Countries of the World.'45
'And here is a fascinating quiz about ____. Hoover, Aswan, Three Gorges…'46
'Oh ____, look at the [rung 57]!', the procrastinator cries, driven to swearing.47
But this is just too tempting:'This quiz lists famous British actors and asks what their title is. What is it? Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren…'48
'I hope you're not going to come up with another ____ excuse', says the manager.49
'Bottom line', the manager continues. 'This had better not be ____.'50
'It's so much easier to ____ about than [rung 9]. It's so unfair! Why do I have to [rung 9}?' mutters the procrastinator.51
As the [rungs 1 and 61] approaches, the procrastinator is in a ____. No time to Sporcle!52
'I've tired myself out. Before I can finish this, I need a little ____.'53
'Will it never get ____?' says the manager….54
… in an exasperated ____.55
'I don't need a ____! You're not writing War and Peace. '56
The manager plans to talk about the procrastinator's ____ management skills at the next performance review.57
'When it's done I will play that quiz about the Scrabble ____ values,' the procrastinator thinks.58
'And then I must get ready to ____ my tax return. Plenty of [rung 57] for that yet, though!'59
But of course the night before the [rungs 1 and 61] finds the procrastinator slaving away to avoid a ____ for late submission.60
With [rung 1], the procrastinator's greatest fear.61

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