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QUIZ: Can you name the 'HAN' words or phrases in every Sporcle category? The letter string HAN appears somewhere in the word or phrase. Enter the full phrase or name where the first word is the one including the letter string HAN.

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Order of evil mystical ninjas; Daredevil adversary (Marvel Comics) 
US animation studio founded by the creators of Tom and Jerry 
______ Lane, American stage, film and television actor known for The Producers, The Lion King and Modern Family 
Longest running show in Broadway history (Andrew Lloyd Webber) 
Roulette is a game of ______; chess is a game of skill 
Nintendo Gameboy was a massively popular ________ console 
Paper and pencil word guessing game, involving simple drawing 
Mathematical puzzle game using disks and rods 
Capital of Tajikistan 
Body of water between Southern England and Northern France 
Country bordering Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo 
Largest ethnic group in the world, widely spread in Asia 
Bismarck was the first __________ of Germany  
Founder of Mongol Empire 
British royal dynasty which followed the Stuarts 
Powerful Northern European federation of cities founded in 1358 to protect Baltic trade routes 
January 6th traditionally; Christian celebration of visit of Magi to Christ child 
January 23rd, marking John Hancock's birthday; sponsored by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association 
Date varies from late November to late December; Jewish Festival of Lights 
Fourth Thursday in November (USA) 
Just For Fun
My dog swallowed some coins. I'm keeping an eye on him but there's no ______ yet. 
Unscramble 'hennecart' to make a magician 
Word ladder rung between 'hardy' and 'dandy' 
8-letter Irish surname beginning and ending with 'han' 
French word for song 
A plural word which can be followed by free, off, on or up 
Sea monster; very large creature or organisation 
Preposition introducing second element in a comparison 
Hermione Granger's cat 
Author of Gulliver's Travels 
Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 
Shakespeare play whose central character is Shylock 
Whipped cream flavoured with vanilla 
Southpaw; applies to about 10% of humans 
The S in HSBC, bank group listed on Hong Kong and London stock exchanges 
Irish unisex first name, anglicised from Sionainn; also the longest river in the British Isles 
Hawke or Coen 
Star Wars character 
Megastar Tom 
Classic 1953 Western 
Messiah and Water Music composer 
Film music composer (Lion King, Gladiator, Dark Knight trilogy) 
Beatles song, first US #1 (1964) 
Barbadian singer-songwriter, b. 1988 
E.g. Michael, Gabriel or Raphael 
Spiritual practice in many religions; rhythmic singing or speaking of words or sounds 
Pagan wedding ceremony 
Old Testament book 
Lasting shift in weather patterns 
Largest land animal 
Element, atomic number 57 
Branch of science which deals with the motion of and forces on objects 
Tennis stroke, palm facing body 
Olympic team sport; soccer foul 
Method of levelling a sport or game, e.g. golf, horse racing 
Air sport, non-motorised 
Friends character 
Voice of Moe, Apu and Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons 
US musical comedy series starring Miley Cyrus 
Canadian sci-fi thriller TV series about cloning first broadcast in 2013 

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