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Can you name the words or names in every Sporcle category? Answers are either a single word containing a double c or a 2-word name or phrase where both names start with C (and both have to be entered).

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Entertainment: Harlem night club famous as a jazz venue in the Prohibition era.
Gaming: Set of special cards used in Monopoly.
Geography: Texas coastal city, named after a Catholic feast day.
History: Italian explorer who crossed the Atlantic in 1492.
Holiday: Religious song mostly sung in December.
Just For Fun: Fill in the word missing from this joke. Nothing ________ like a parrot with no teeth.
Language: Pirate or unscrupulous person.
Literature: Grinning animal met by Alice in Wonderland.
Miscellaneous: Fashion designer who founded the company whose logo is shown above.
Movies: London-born actor and director, famous as The Tramp.
Music: Musical instrument, also known as a squeezebox.
Religion: Holiest city in Islam.
Science: North American mammal, notable for its face mask.
Sports: Birth name of Muhammad Ali.
Television: Panellists on the classic game show What's My Line? had to guess a contestant's _________.

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