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to arrive
to choose, to select, to pick
to drink
to have supper
to advise, to counsel
to talk, to speak
to seize, to grasp
to learn
to begin, to start
to lead, to conduct, to drive
to begin, to start, to commence
to take out, to get
to live
to need
to walk, to move along
to use
to serve
to earn, to gain, to win
to practice
to love
to teach, to show, to pointout
to receive, to get
to burn, to set on fire
to open
to have, to hold
to think
to dream
to describe
to brush
to grow
to attend, to assist, to be present
to bite
to lose
to answer, to reply, to respond
to kill
to be
to pay (for)
to play (a game)
to thank, to be thankful for
to include, to enclose
to adopt
to have lunch
to attack
to be concerned, to worry
to read
to go
to change, to exchange
to prepare
to repeat
to clean
to join, to unite, to connect
to remember, to recall, to remind
to visit
to ask, to request
to obey
to come
to sweep, to whisk
to swim
to stop (oneself)
to go out, to leave
to sing
to sleep
to occupy
to annoy, to bore, to vex
to prefer
to admire
to undo, to destroy, to take apart
to lie, to tell a lie
to want, to wish
to insist, to persist, to stress
to study
to eat
to say, to tell
to understand
to celebrate
to give
to know, to know how
to call, to name
to smell
to wake oneself
to take
to bring
to laugh
to mark, to note, to observe
to continue
to work
to put, to place, to turn on (TV or radio)
to sell
to do, to make
to pass, to happen, to spend (time)
to agree (upon)
to buy, to purchase
to wash
to form, to shape
to run, to race, to flow
to cook
to accuse
to inscribe, to record, to register
to rob, to steal
to like
to have breakfast
to fly
to group
to finish, to end, to complete
to look, to look at, to watch
to cost
to be able, can
to applaud
to close
to hear
to write
to travel
to doubt
to enjoy
to dance
to ask, to inquire, to question
to paint
to exercise, to practice (a profession)
to wash dishes, to scrub
to take a shower, to shower oneself
to see
to be (location)
to play (an instrument), to touch
to smoke
to invite
to dare, to venture
to listen (to)
to confide, to trust
to know, to be acquainted with

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