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Episode NumberEpisodeHint
1992 student film screening
1995 viral video
101 Ike gets abducted
102 Beefcake
103Patrick Duffy
105four-assed monkey
106Grandpa turns 102
107worchestershire sauce
108Teico sports watch
109Christmas episode
110 Cartman's birthday
111'[Contact] was terrible!'
112'Well, she ain't Fiona Apple'
113'Who is Eric Cartman's father?'
201April Fools!
202'Is it Chef? or Mr. Garrison?'
204'Drugs are bad, mmkay'
206'It's comin' right for us!'
209film festival
211'bone marrow transplant'
212Stan's parents get divorced
213Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth
214musical guests
215Spooky Vision
216Stan runs away
217Phase 2.) ???
218'He looks like Steve Austin'
302too much methane
303Chef gets engaged
304'Don't screw around.'
305new species discovered
306Don't be nasty says the silly bear
307Stan's sister babysits
308Randy experiments
309anti-semetic Jews
310Korn guest stars
311new fad
312Kyle has a crush
314s'more flavored schnapps
315Christmas episode #2
316New Year's eve 1999
317the brown noise
401raising money for Sega Dreamcast
402sled race
404girls from Romania
405Marlon Brando look-alikes
406Cheech and Chong guest star
407'Change the flag!'
408boy band
410Hookie-lau, part 2
411Timmy travels through time
412Dawson's Creek
414Pip stars
Episode NumberEpisodeHint
415Krazy Kenny!
416the M word
417Christmas episode #3
501Radiohead guest stars
502curse word
503Timmy is jealous
505Earth day
506Kyle gets a hemmoroid
507'Red rocket!'
508'Wanna get high?'
509The boys receive a goat
510torsonic polarity syndrome, or TPS
511'What is, IT?'
512big lowercase t
513Cartman builds a Shaky's Pizza
514Butter's dad has a secret
601Butters gets liposuction
602time share
603ball-chin boy
604Stan goes vegan
605The Russel Crowe show
606bringer of destruction and doom
607Butters goes crazy
608Cartman craps out his mouth
609Speilberg and Lucas
610Bebe's really smart and cool
612candy shopping spree
6135th graders don't like water
615'I need about 3 fitty'
616Stan does drugs?
617Christmas episode #4
701taco that craps ice cream
702 stem cells
703Kyle feels guilty
704Cartman has a flashback
705taco flavored kisses
706junior detectives
708'The Loveboat... with Men.'
709'Moop refuses to play!'
710Country Kitchen Buffet
711Butters goes missing
712'Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb'
713'It's cool to say no.'
714goth kids
715Christmas episode #5
802Jimmy cheats
803Mel Gibson
804Stan danced back
805Adam Sandler movies
808vote or die
809'Three copies of Time Cop for 18 bucks!'
810Trent Boyett
811cough syrup
812Butters gets a bear costume
813psychic detective
814Christmas episode #5
Episode NumberEpisodeHint
902black person to sacrifice himself
903talent agency
904'God has his Keanu Reeves
905Kyle's cousin Kyle returns
906someone ate all the chicken skin
907broken dreams and no ice creams
909Butters dresses as a girl
910two daddies
911Ron Howard
913talking whale
1001super adventure club
1002San Fransisco
1004Family Guy
1005Minge and Gary
1006Al Gore
1007The Dog Whisperererer
1008partly animated by Blizzard
1009chocolate dragon
1010'hall way infraction!'
1011Ferarri cake
1012U.N.A. makes more sense
1013A.A.A. is the logical choice
1014Stan loses his bike
1101Michael Richards
11021979 Sears Men's underwear catalog
1103'Kelly, can you hear me?'
1105Heir Club For Men
1106how Persians decorate
1107skateboard stunts
1108Chris Hansen
11091 KT Couric = 2.5 pounds
1110Kyle loses a bet
1111Stargate parody
1112Butters is the key
1113Stan betrays Kyle
1114Kyle is votest ugliest
1201Jimmy Buffet
1203cat pee
1204'I'm not your buddy, guy.'
1205Mr. Garrison has regrets
1207Cartman and Butters hold hands
1208Indiana Jones is raped
1209Cartman craps on teacher's desk
1210Guineasaurus Rex
1211'I'm so startled'
1212Obama wins the election
1213'I'm going to slap you!'
1214goths vs. vampires
1301Kenny becomes lame
1302Bruce Vilanch
13034th emmy winning episode
1304Men are grossed out, for once
1305Kanye doesn't get it
1306space cash

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