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Can you name the hosts or musical guests who have been banned from SNL?

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Type (Year)AnswerReason
Host (1976)Incoherence
Host (1977)Unprofessionalism
Musical Guest (1977)Having no reason to do that song
Host/Musical Guest (1978)Unprofessionalism
Host (1979)Overacting
Musical Guest (1981)Destruction of Equipment, Profanity
Host (1982)Unprofessionalism
Frequent Guest (1982)Audience Vote
Type (Year)AnswerReason
Musical Guest (1986)Profanity
Host (1991)Being 'the biggest jerk who's ever been on the show'
Musical Guest (1992)Fighting the real enemy
Musical Guest (1994)On-camera marijuana usage
Host (1994)Obscenity
Former Cast Member, Host (1997)Had it coming, basically
Host (2003)Improvisation

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