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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacterSaid in:
I cannot fight, but this staff I carry can heal your wounded. Take me with you, and you’ll be very glad you did.
There's not a soul in Archanea who doesn't know Father. He was a wonderful pontifex, respected by everyone. I've always wanted to be like him...
Are you truly suggesting I grew wings and that's how I took flight...?
I sobbed into my pillow all night. I really, really despised you. Heehee, it was a big moment for me. I'm the way I am now thanks to that loss.
I can understand that. You see, I didn't have the opportunity of choosing my own liege. But I am proud of having served under an excellent general.
Alright, don't move an inch... or else, I'll miss my mark... Yes. Like that. Stay still, stay still...
Which? Humanity’s hopes, or my shoulders?
Heh heh heh... Prince, your struggle is in vain. But let us continue this game for a while. Just know that you're fast running out of time. Soon, I will kill you myself...
One time, I got lost in the forest and was cryin'... until you came for me. You seemed to be worried yourself, but you did your best to comfort me.
Even if everyone else disappeared from this world... It wouldn't change a thing for me.
Well, I like you and princey. You're pretty cool, for humans. Yet, you're still humans. And humans are born and die in the blink of an eye...
I decided to break in here and clean the place out- and then I got caught. Hilarious, right? Comedy gold. OK, your turn What are YOU doin’ here?
I didn’t betray my boys back there so you could zap me on out of here alone.
The important thing is just whether you can throw the dice or not when the time comes.
I used to think absolute loyalty to one's liege was a knight's most important duty. But, I was mistaken. So, I left my liege and spent a long time wandering...
Come, my sweet little children. The bad men have come. Darkness is our friend. What our enemies cannot see, we can. Let them experience... the feeling of pure terror.
Princess, what sort of dress do you think would suit me? You've a mountain of dresses in your castle, right?
Men? Ve are a voman. Vun voman! Are you blind, stupid manchild?
You see, it's a secret shop. If it ain't secret, it wouldn't be a secret shop anymore now, would it?
Oh…I’m sorry, but me mother’s sick, and the medicine don’t buy itself, see…
Prince Marth asked me to look after you. Not that we mages need any help looking after ourselves, mind you.
Lang, my liege might forgive your frequent rudeness to him, but I will not. Come, draw your sword. Even though I, ____, am old and senile, I will not lose to the likes of you.
It's nice to have a family. Unfortunately, I can't really think of anything good to write. Oh right, Dame Kris. Might you have any good ideas?
But you don’t have to pretend. I know you’re far too sweet to mow down hordes of enemies. And…I think I prefer it that way.
Then, stop getting all sappy on me. Gee, Pops, there ain't a thing you like more, is there?
C'mon... You're our commander now, but you haven't changed one bit. I wish you'd be the one to stop us.
I betrayed my fellow knights and besmirched their good name. I will not dress up my sins as kindnesses! I accept my punishment. Allow me to die a knight’s death.
You want to escape from this darkness? I'm afraid I won't let you. You won't see the sunlight ever again.
You know, all I really want is to live in peace... I suppose I can't just kick back, and chop my wood, with this damn war going on. This needs to end quickly.
QuoteCharacterSaid in:
Shut your mouth, traitor!! I won't listen to your lies any longer! Your Excalibur and my Thoron; we'll put them to the test!
It surprised me to learn that you hadn't laid a finger on my fleeing soldiers. You may just be the second coming of King Anri. I believe you.
Save me the unnecessary concerns. Just treat me as if I were a man.
Nah, it's nothing to brag about really. Besides, I think your will to go beyond gender distinctions is most admirable, Cecille.
Yes. I may lack the power to stop Medeus, but his minions are another story. Let this old man strike them down and clear a path for you.
When I think of you and Abel, I get this unbearable feeling in my chest... and I just get so angry... I despise myself for feeling like this...
Prince Marth... My life in exchange for theirs... By any means necessary, please help them... This is the last thing I will ask...
That changes nothing! I will die at Coyote's side! I swore as much! Though all of you might betray us. Though I might be alone. I will not abandon him!
No, it can't be! You're... one of them... as well? Oh, fine... Do your worst! If you're going to kill me, do it fast!!
Nay, I’ll turn no blade of mine on a women. If you’re willing to pay for my services with your life, then consider yourself the high bidder. My sword is yours.
You're a stubborn old fellow. You've already done in three of my brothers. But there are more of them... more and more and more and more.
You are... being guided by a mysterious fate... I don't know who, but you're guided by someone similar to you...
Sorry… I won’t leave you like that again. We belong together anyway. When the three of us surround an enemy, we’re just about unstoppable!
You were always the kindest out of us in the Wolfguard.. You've always been able to tell which were the good guys, and which were the bad.
I never got to thank you for coming along with us. There’s no swordsman I trust more. I’ve seen your strength
I couldn't sit still when I heard you's fighting again, so I came to join in. We're Talys's mercenaries, right? If ya died, Princess Caeda'd cry.
…Sire, I…I cannot bear this! Failing to protect His Majesty…then leaving my brothers to die, slinking away like some coward…This indignity is too much to bear!
The finest in the continent...? I'm sorry, but that's a gross exaggeration. Please don't mention it again.
Thought I was dead? Haha... My death was but a trifle. Hand Minerva over to me, Rucke. I no longer have plans for this country. Do with it as you please.
Thank you for rescuing me. Please be sure to tell my sister I am free. She’ll be grateful for the news. Now then. Shall we be off? I’m coming with you, of course. No protesting
You just keep your distance. I’m not letting anyone near the villagers in here, and that includes you!
That was... That was all... a lie. Everything I did was to deceive you... It was all just a ruse... The truth is... I don't care about you...
Of course. In fact, I'm sure we'll be happier than before. We'll expand the shop, have children...
Wahaha! Nonsense! Look at how you've cut these... More doesn't mean better, you dolt! Seriously, what are you gonna use this wood for?
You dare oppose me, fool? You must not value your life. Cower before the might of the magic Imhullu: once forbidden, now unleashed!
It's a book about tactics. As the leader of a group... I figured I should enhance myself. The platoon I lead is far smaller than an army, but tactics is still important.
Well, I don't quite get it, either. But... there are times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. That's all I can say... For now.
Yes, I was a slave gladiator at the time, and you really helped me out. Even when everyone was making their escape, you stayed behind to distract the guards and ended up caught...
The Emperor loved you till the very end. He was sorry for what he'd done to you. It's alright now. You need not worry. It was all just a bad dream...
QuoteCharacterSaid in:
Speaking of which, your father would flay me if you came to any harm. Do me a favor, and leave the dangerous fighting to me and my men.
Should I learn that this war is a product of Marth's ambition, as Emperor Hardin claims... Heads will roll. Am I clear?
What can I say? I think I’m in love. Try saying no to a girl who comes racing up to you in the heat of battle just to ask if you believe in love!
Archanea has nothing left for me. For the justice that I believe in, allow me to fight by your side again, Prince Marth.
So how ’bout it, princey? Take me along! I’m packin’ thunderbolts, see? The enemy ballisticians’ll never know what hit ’em!
Sure, right now... I'm still a kid, and I can't be a super-royal or anything. But... I'll do my best. Just watch!
Your detachment from material things is one of your good points, but you're just a step away from getting another good scolding.
I understand that you have your reasons for hiding your indentity. But... Still, I'd like to ask this of you.
I was forced to volunteer as my brother's substitute, to protect my family's honor. But you see... I'm me. I'm not my brother-- I'm not some stinking substitute!
I can fight, sire! If you have a bow I could use, I would be honored to fight at your side.
This is…the wrong prince? No! You dare make a fool of me? Kill him! Make this faux prince SUFFER!
Hmm, you do know how to argue a point. I’ve no taste for war, but war is what I’ve been served.
Yes, you are absolutely correct. Naturally, we of the nobility require this sort of rigor in our studies.
I’ve had me fill o’ the piratin’ life, and now I be lookin’ t’start anew. What say ye? Make me yer matey, and I swear t’pull me load.
No, it's all right. My wife dreamed of a peaceful world, and I'm fighting to make her dream a reality. ...But, I suppose I think of her too much.
Are you serious, Brother? Can't we just hold our hands and walk the same path together, as siblings?
Foolish humans! You dare disturb me while I slumber? Oh, how you will regret it as you die slowly…painfully…writhing in the fires of the inferno!
Uh-huh... I'm sure God will forgive me. After all, you... You mean the world to me.
...Me, work for you? Sure thing, Prince Marth. But I hate you guys. I could just feign joining you, Prince, and then try and kill you, y'know?
I am... ashamed by my own weakness. It feels as though the feelings hidden deep within my chest could leak out any moment... and it frightens me.
Count this knight honored to die in the service of his prince. Live, sire, and grow strong…
Besides, you promised, remember! Once this war is over, you promised we'd go shopping together, and you'd cook for me!
This crest is called the Fire Emblem. House Akaneia bestows it only upon a true champion, one we believe has the power to save the world.
I still find it hard to believe. So the honorable Prince Marth we met is supposed to harbor diabolical ambitions?
There is no justice left in Archanea. But justice lies in your Altea. And that's why I've come to you.
I lost my firestone in Pyrathi. Without it, I cannot do battle.
They forced me to enlist- you know I hate warfare, but it was into the army or onto the chopping block.
Ho ho…I admire your spirit, child. I always have. But think how Astram would grieve if you were to die.
I'm writing a letter to my family back home. Though it'll be a long time before I can send it. I wonder if Mother and Father are alright...?

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