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Can you name the Amazing Race Teams based on the Descriptions?

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 Won the very first Amazing Race
 'Ken and Barbie' with a very bossy Barbie
 Rolled hay for over 10 hours without success
 Won a leg, but got eliminated upon discovering their passports were missing
 The clowns
 This team has the person who completed the most roadblocks in the race
 Eliminated before the race even started
 Quit the race because they could not complete either Detour task
 Entrepreneurs. One member wasn't too nice to the other
 Frat boys from Arizona State
 Proved that nice people don't always finish last
 Oldest team to make it furthest (4th place) in the Amazing Race
 Left their passports in a taxi, leading to their elimination
 The Gutsy Grannies
 One member of this family mooned another team from their car
 First team to not cross the Finish Line
 Lost a footrace to the Finish Line, resulting in second place
 Finished 4th in two different seasons
 Quit race because of team member's knee injury
 One member proposed to the other when they got eliminated
 Second team to not cross the Finish Line
 First team to be U-Turned
 Team T&T
 This family wanted to be eliminated, but were spared
 A train blocked their way to the Finish Line
 The goths
 First team to incur the lose all your money but avoid elimination penalty
 Stripped down to their bathing suits at the end of a leg, hoping to avoid elimination
 Opened their lock right before the last gondola left Mount Hua
 The only top three team to never place below second (except once)

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