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Can you name the words said/sung at the beginning of Disney's Hercules?

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Forced Order
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LyricsContinue the lyrics!No. of words to guess
'Long ago,7 words
there was a golden age of5 words
The greatest, and strongest of all these heroes4 words
But what is the measure of a true hero? Now,4 words
story is a-' 'Would you listen to him?'7 words
Greek tragedy!' 'Lighten up, dude!'6 words
'You go, girls.'4 words
goddesses of the arts, and3 words
'Heroes like Hercules!' 'Honey, you mean1 word
'Oo-Ooh! I'd like to make some sweet music with-'7 words
many eons ago...'6 words
the planet Earth was down on its luck,4 words
LyricsContinue the lyrics!No. of words to guess
called Titans ran amok!'5 words
There was a mess wherever you stepped!'3 words
and earthquakes and volcanoes2 words
'Ooh! Say it, girlfriend!'5 words
'He hurled his thunderbolt!' (He zapped!)6 words
(They're trapped!) 'And on his own 5 words
And that's the gospel truth!8 words
relax!' 'And that's the world's first dish..'4 words
while still in his youth. Though, Honey4 words
That's the gospel truth! On Mt. Olympus,6 words
sweet vermouth! Though, honey4 words
That's the2 words

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