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Year - TeamsBatterPlay
2014 - Giants over Royals, 4-3Foulout to 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval (Madison Bumgarner)
2013 - Red Sox over Cardinals, 4-2Strikeout swinging (Koji Uehara)
2012 - Giants over Tigers, 4-0Strikeout looking (Sergio Romo)
2011 - Cardinals over Rangers, 4-3Flyout to left fielder Allen Craig (Jason Motte)
2010 - Giants over Rangers, 4-1Strikeout swinging (Brian Wilson)
2009 - Yankees over Phillies, 4-2Groundout to 2nd baseman Robinson Cano (Mariano Rivera)
2008 - Phillies over Rays, 4-1Strikeout swinging (Brad Lidge)
2007 - Red Sox over Rockies, 4-0Strikeout swinging (Jonathan Papelbon)
2006 - Cardinals over Tigers, 4-1Strikeout swinging (Adam Wainwright)
2005 - White Sox over Astros, 4-0Groundout to shortstop Juan Uribe (Bobby Jenks)
2004 - Red Sox over Cardinals, 4-0Groundout to pitcher Keith Foulke (Keith Foulke)
2003 - Marlins over Yankees, 4-2Groundout to pitcher Josh Beckett (Josh Beckett)
2002 - Angels over Giants, 4-3Flyout to center fielder Darin Erstad (Troy Percival)
2001 - Diamondbacks over Yankees, 4-3Single to center field, Jay Bell scores (Mariano Rivera)
2000 - Yankees over Mets, 4-1Flyout to center fielder Bernie Williams (Mariano Rivera)
1999 - Yankees over Braves, 4-0Flyout to left fielder Chad Curtis (Mariano Rivera)
1998 - Yankees over Padres, 4-0Groundout to 3rd baseman Scott Brosius (Mariano Rivera)
1997 - Marlins over Indians, 4-3Single to center field, Craig Counsell scores (Charles Nagy)
1996 - Yankees over Braves, 4-2Foulout to 3rd baseman Charlie Hayes (John Wetteland)
1995 - Braves over Indians, 4-2Flyout to center fielder Marquis Grissom (Mark Wohlers)
1993 - Blue Jays over Phillies, 4-2Home run to left field, Rickey Henderson scores, Paul Molitor scores (Mitch Williams)
1992 - Blue Jays over Braves, 4-2Bunt groundout to pitcher Mike Timlin (Mike Timlin)
1991 - Twins over Braves, 4-3Single to left-center field, Dan Gladden scores (Alejandro Pena)
1990 - Reds over Athletics, 4-0Foulout to 1st baseman Todd Benzinger (Randy Myers)
1989 - Athletics over Giants, 4-0Groundout to 2nd baseman Tony Phillips (Dennis Eckersley)
1988 - Dodgers over Athletics, 4-1Strikeout swinging (Orel Hershiser)
1987 - Twins over Cardinals, 4-3Groundout to 3rd baseman Gary Gaetti (Jeff Reardon)
1986 - Mets over Red Sox, 4-3Strikeout swinging (Jesse Orosco)
1985 - Royals over Cardinals, 4-3Fly out ot right fielder Darryl Motley (Bret Saberhagen)
1984 - Tigers over Padres, 4-1Fly out to left fielder Larry Herndon (Willie Hernandez)
1983 - Orioles over Phillies, 4-1Lineout to shortstop Cal Ripken (Scott McGregor)
1982 - Cardinals over Brewers, 4-3Strikeout swinging (Bruce Sutter)
1981 - Dodgers over Yankees, 4-2Flyout to center fielder Ken Landreaux (Steve Howe)
1980 - Phillies over Royals, 4-2Strikeout (Tug McGraw)
1979 - Pirates over Orioles, 4-3Flyout to center fielder Omar Moreno (Kent Tekulve)
1978 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-2Foulout to catcher Thurman Munson (Rich Gossage)
1977 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-2Bunt popout to pitcher Mike Torrez (Mike Torrez)
1976 - Reds over Yankees, 4-0Flyout to left fielder George Foster (Will McEnaney)
1975 - Reds over Red Sox, 4-3Flyout to center fielder Cesar Geronimo (Will McEnaney)
1974 - Athletics over Dodgers, 4-1Groundout to pitcher Rollie Fingers (Rollie Fingers)
1973 - Athletics over Mets, 4-3Popout to shortstop Bert Campaneris (Darold Knowles)
1972 - Athletics over Reds, 4-3Flyout to left fielder Joe Rudi (Rollie Fingers)
1971 - Pirates over Orioles, 4-3Groundout to shortstop Jackie Hernandez (Steve Blass)
1970 - Orioles over Reds, 4-1Groundout to 3rd baseman Brooks Robinson (Mike Cuellar)
1969 - Mets over Orioles, 4-1Flyout to left fielder Cleon Jones (Jerry Koosman)
1968 - Tigers over Cardinals, 4-3Foulout to catcher Bill Freehan (Mickey Lolich)
1967 - Cardinals over Red Sox, 4-3Strikeout (Bob Gibson)
1966 - Orioles over Dodgers, 4-0Flyout to center fielder Paul Blair (Dave McNally)
1965 - Dodgers over Twins, 4-3Strikeout swinging (Sandy Koufax)
1964 - Cardinals over Yankees, 4-3Popout to 2nd baseman Dal Maxvill (Bob Gibson)
1963 - Dodgers over Yankees, 4-0Groundout to shortstop Maury Wills (Sandy Koufax)
1962 - Yankees over Giants, 4-3Lineout to 2nd baseman Bobby Richardson (Ralph Terry)
1961 - Yankees over Reds, 4-1Flyout to left fielder Hector Lopez (Bud Daley)
1960 - Pirates over Yankees, 4-3Home run to left field (Ralph Terry)
1959 - Dodgers over White Sox, 4-2Flyout to left fielder Wally Moon (Larry Sherry)
1958 - Yankees over Braves, 4-3Lineout to center fielder Mickey Mantle (Bob Turley)
1957 - Braves over Yankees, 4-3Groundout to 3rd baseman Eddie Mathews (Lew Burdette)
1956 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-3Strikeout, wild pitch (2-3) (Johnny Kucks)
1955 - Dodgers over Yankees, 4-3Groundout to shortstop Pee Wee Reese (Johnny Podres)
1954 - Giants over Indians, 4-0Foulout to 3rd baseman Hank Thompson (Johnny Antonelli)
1953 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-2Single to center field, Hank Bauer scores (Clem Labine)
1952 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-3Flyout to left fielder Gene Woodling (Bob Kuzava)
1951 - Yankees over Giants, 4-2Lineout to right fielder Hank Bauer (Bob Kuzava)
1950 - Yankees over Phillies, 4-0Strikeout (Allie Reynolds)
1949 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-1Strikeout (Joe Page)
1948 - Indians over Braves, 4-2Flyout to left fielder Bob Kennedy (Gene Bearden)
1947 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-3Grounded into double play (6-4-3) (Joe Page)
1946 - Cardinals over Red Sox, 4-3Groundout to 2nd baseman Red Schoendienst (Harry Brecheen)
1945 - Tigers over Cubs, 4-3Groundout to shortstop Skeeter Webb (Hal Newhouser)
1944 - Cardinals over Browns, 4-2Strikeout (Ted Wilks)
1943 - Yankees over Cardinals, 4-1Groundout to 2nd baseman Joe Gordon (Spud Chandler)
1942 - Cardinals over Yankees, 4-1Groundout to 2nd baseman Jimmy Brown (Johnny Beazley)
1941 - Yankees over Dodgers, 4-1Flyout to center fielder Joe DiMaggio (Tiny Bonham)
1940 - Reds over Tigers, 4-3Groundout to 2nd baseman Lonny Frey (Paul Derringer)
1939 - Yankees over Reds, 4-0Lineout to shortstop Frankie Crosetti (Johnny Murphy)
1938 - Yankees over Cubs, 4-0Groundout to pitcher Red Ruffing (Red Ruffing)
1937 - Yankees over Giants, 4-1Groundout to 1st baseman Lou Gehrig (Lefty Gomez)
1936 - Yankees over Giants, 4-2Groundout to 1st baseman Lou Gehrig (Johnny Murphy)
1935 - Tigers over Cubs, 4-2Single to right field, Mickey Cochrane scores (Larry French)
1934 - Cardinals over Tigers, 4-3Groundout to shortstop Leo Durocher (Dizzy Dean)
1933 - Giants over Senators, 4-1Strikeout (Dolf Luque)
1932 - Yankees over Cubs, 4-0Flyout to right fielder Ben Chapman (Herb Pennock)
1931 - Cardinals over Athletics, 4-3Flout to center fielder Pepper Martin (Bill Hallahan)
1930 - Athletics over Cardinals, 4-2Flyout to right fielder Bing Miller (George Earnshaw)
1929 - Athletics over Cubs, 4-1Double, Al Simmons scores (Pat Malone)
1928 - Yankees over Cardinals, 4-0Foulout to left fielder Babe Ruth (Waite Hoyt)
1927 - Yankees over Pirates, 4-0Wild pitch, Earle Combs scores (Johnny Miljus)
1926 - Cardinals over Yankees, 4-3Babe Ruth caught stealing 2nd (Pete Alexander)
1925 - Pirates over Senators, 4-3Strikeout looking (Red Oldham)
1924 - Senators over Giants, 4-3Double to left field, Muddy Ruel scores (Jack Bentley)
1923 - Yankees over Giants, 4-2Groundout to 2nd baseman Aaron Ward (Sad Sam Jones)
1922 - Giants over Yankees, 4-0Flyout to right fielder Ross Youngs (Art Nehf)
1921 - Giants over Yankees, 5-3Grounded into double play (4-3-5), Aaron Ward out at 3rd (Art Nehf)
1920 - Indians over Robins, 5-2Groundout to shortstop Joe Sewell (Stan Coveleski)
1919 - Reds over White Sox, 5-3Groundout to 2nd baseman Morrie Rath (Hod Eller)
1918 - Red Sox over Cubs, 4-2Groundout to 2nd baseman Dave Shean (Carl Mays)
1917 - White Sox over Giants, 4-2Groundout to 2nd baseman Eddie Collins (Red Faber)
1916 - Red Sox over Robins, 4-1Popout to shortstop Everett Scott (Ernie Shore)
1915 - Red Sox over Phillies, 4-1Groundout to shortstop Everett Scott (Rube Foster)
1914 - Braves over Athletics, 4-0Groundout to 3rd baseman Charlie Deal (Dick Rudolph)
1913 - Athletics over Giants, 4-1Flyout to right fielder Eddie Murphy (Eddie Plank)
1912 - Red Sox over Giants, 4-3Sac fly to right fielder Josh Devore, Steve Yerkes scores (Christy Mathewson)
1911 - Athletics over Giants, 4-2Groundout to 3rd baseman Home Run Baker (Chief Bender)
1910 - Athletics over Cubs, 4-1Groundout to shortstop Jack Barry (Jack Coombs)
1909 - Pirates over Tigers, 4-3Flyout to left fielder Fred Clarke (Babe Adams)
1908 - Cubs over Tigers, 4-1Groundout to catcher Johnny Kling (Orval Overall)
1907 - Cubs over Tigers, 4-0Popout to shortstop Joe Tinker (Mordecai Brown)
1906 - White Sox over Cubs, 4-2Groundout to 1st baseman Jiggs Donahue (Doc White)
1905 - Giants over Athletics, 4-1Groundout to shortstop Bill Bahlen (Christy Mathewson)
1903 - Americans over Pirates, 5-3Strikeout (Bill Dineen)

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