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Can you name these 50 Disney Villains by their plots/schemes?

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To become the king with the help of hyenas
To make a dalmation fur coat
To overthrow King Triton and rule the seas
To remain the most popular racer in the arcade and the king of Sugar Rush
To improve her own family's status while shaming her step-daughter
To become sultan and claim vengence on (name of movie)
To become fairest of them all
To marry Belle and kill the beast
To rule Mount Olympus
To rid Paris of gypsies and marry Esmeralda
To behead everyone that annoys her
To prevent Phillip from waking Briar Rose from her death sleep
To conquer China
To become the supreme ruler of Mousedom
To be the best pirate ever and kill (name of title)
To gain a more respected position of within Britain
To kill all men in the jungle
To be very rich and to be like Honest John (2 characters)
To be the most powerful wizard in the world
To hunt all the animals in the forest
To get the Devil Eye, whatever it takes
To make neverending trouble
To become the richest individual in the world and to overthrow his older brother from the throne
To sell gorillas and become rich
To get rid of the Duchess and her kittens to claim Madame Bonfamille's fortune
To become the most powerful man in New Orleans
To get rid of'Sandy Claws'
To become the emporess of the empire
To enact revenge on Scrooge for trapping her in the shadow realm
To help Magica De Spell so she can be free and live a normal life
To become the richest duck in the world
To create evil all over the tri-state area with his inventions and '-inators'
To revolutionize the scaring industry
To capture a rare bird and clear his name
To remain young and beautiful forever
To torture toys for fun
To be preserved in the Konishi Toy Museum with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye
To rule over Sunnyside daycare and prevent toys from escaping
To drive Lightning out of his racing career
To make all fuel look bad but get money from his new fuel- Allinol
To take over Gusteau's, then to create a frozen food business, then to get Gusteau's shut down
To be the king of Arendelle
To keep superheroes illegal in order to keep society safe from becoming too reliant on them as fixing her parents fault to believe them.
To exterminate all heroes to be praised as a hero to achieve fame and glory
To get the protagonist's voice box and be loved by Harmony
To obtain her heart, protect the island and destroy the world with her power
To obtain The Heart of Te Fiti (two characters)
To create a new order where prey animals dominate the predators
To repossess the Banks' house
To protect her daughter from a curse and to conquer the Moors also to kill (name of movie)
To eradicate all fairies and avenge her brother's death

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