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Wow that man has a huge_________!
There is a very strong _______ outside, it blew my hat off.
Hey, do you want to go to the mall this _______ ?
What the _____?!?
That rock has a lot of ______ on it.
My mom turned on the ______ in the morning and it blinded me!
I can't find the ball, it's lost in the ______.
I _______ a great picture in art class!
That guy must use so much fertilizer, his grass is so ______!
Wow I can't even see the top, that's a freakin' ______!
I'm dreaming of a ________ Christmas.
That car is a real ______ of junk!
I do not want to ______ this stupid book!
My hair is so long I definetely need to go to the ______.
That knife is so much_______ than that other knife!
I don't need glasses because I can______ than you!
I love living in the capital city of ________ D.C.
My favorite show growing up in the 70's was the _______ Bunch.
I can't believe i got shot by a _______ and arrow!
The church ______ was ringing on Sunday morning.

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