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How much do you REALLY know about these LOTR characters? Test the limits of your LOTR character knowledge with these cryptic clues...

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Clues...Character NameExtra Info
1. First character mentioned in the LOTR?An easy one to start...
2. 1 was given a 'kingly gift' made of Moria-silver by this individual (this is mentioned by 3)
3. Previously known as Olorin; he helped drive the Necromancer from Dol Guldor; known to the elves as...
4. Which means...translate 3 from the Elvish
5. Of what older race is 3?This is not the singular... it is a whole race!
6. Also of the race of the 5; corrupted by the Great Enemy; dwelt for some time in Dol Guldurclue: corrupted by THE Great Enemy...
7. Son of Drogo, Elf-friend, 'scholar in the Ancient Tongue'
8. 7 leaves Bag End with these two companions...
9. These three meet this person and his companions on the way to Imladris; 7 says to him, 'Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo'Full name required...
10. 'All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost' is a poem about...
11. Who was inspired to write the poem above on first meeting 10?Full name required...
12. Calls out, 'Noro lim, noro lim, Asfaloth!'; Elf-lord; one of the mighty of the FirstbornOne of my favourite minor characters.
13. Direct descendant of Durin, son of Gloin
14. Prince of the Woodland Realm; rumoured that due to their great friendship, he took 13 with him when he sailed over the Sea
15. His name means...translate 14
16. Of the blood of Westernesse; would not take the Ring 'if I found it on the highway'
17. Travels to Imladris seeking the sword that was broken; the older brother of 16 by five years
18. Rests in the Chamber of Marzubul; the last Lord of Moria
19. Descendent of Finwe, one of the Eldar, known as the Lady of Light
20. Greatest foe of the North Kingdom of Arnor, dwelt in Minas Morgul after fleeing from Angmar
21. Helps defeat 20 on the Pelennor Fields, should have 'been borne in honour into this city'
22. Captain of the King's guard, fell before the gates of the HornburgAnother favourite minor character.
23. Chief of the Mearas
24. Dernhelm; White Lady; slayer of the King of Angmar??? it was, and Dernhelm also.
25. His house is represented by a white swan-like ship on a blue sea; has elven-blood in his veins
Clues...Character NameExtra Info
26. Sons of the Lord of Imladris
27. Lends Hasufel and Arod to 'Wingfoot' and his companions, becomes king on the Pelennor Fields
28. Kinsman of Elessar, Ranger of the North, dies on the Pelennor Fields
29. Iarwain Ben-adar; eldest; gained knowledge of 7 and others from Farmer Maggot and 9Full name needed
30. Holds the key to one of the Two Towers (according to Tolkien's TT jacket design) in Nan Curunir (a vale named after him)...Nan Curunir is a bit obvious...
31. The Windlord; swiftest of his race
32. Son of the Mariner; came to love 10 as a son; a master of healing
33. Guides the Company to Cerin Amroth and returns from the Northern Fences to guide them to the boats on the Silverlode
34. A hasty ent; keeps the hobbits company during the Entmoot
35. Felled the black serpent at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields; as a father to 21, for a little while
36. Mightiest of the descendants of Thorondor, brother of 31
37. Young and swift; first appears at the Battle of the Morannon and crosses Udun and Gorgoroth with 31 and 36
38. River-daughter, clad all in silver green
39. Last child of Ungoliant
40. Friend of (one of) 8 and 21; stronger than a troll; eldest and chief of his race
41. Became Captain of the White Company partly through his actions in the Rath Dinen
42. Undomiel; trothplighted to Elessar at Cerin Amroth
43. Skulking fellow; footpad; guides the Ring-bearer to the Morannon and then to Cirith Ungol
44. Fell at the Fords of Isen; never seen alive during LOTR but mentioned by Grima, 35, Ceorl and 27These last few characters are never physically present during the LOTR...
45. King of Mirkwood, originally from Doriath
46. Sung of by Elessar on Amon Sul; the One-hand and the NightingaleThink really famous couples... Really REALLY famous...
47. High King of the Noldor; Starlight; 'The last whose realm was fair and free', wielder of Aegols
48. Gave Hope to the Dunedain but kept no hope for herself; 'Onen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim'The only answer totally dependent Appendices/background knowledge, but she definitely deserves a mention!
49. Born in Gondolin; the Evening Star; wears the last Silmaril on his brow
50. After escaping from Moria, 14 sings of these lovers by a famous stream...Another famous couple... 25 is a huge clue here

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