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Alias/Guild/Party/RaceNameAnother hint
The Villian In GlassesLeader of log horizon guild
Ninja of Log Horizonabove characters mini companion
ChiefCat race
Guardian of Log Horizonsecond characters's punching bag
People of the land turned Adventurerseen as a dog by others
Bard of Log HorizonDisciplines the charcter above
Kannagi/Apprentice Of Log Horizonlooks up to first character
Samurai of Log HorizonTwin of the above character
Galaxy IdolLight novel Character/ appears in season 2
Sword Saintpolite ladies man
Strong Armed 'Name'Oceanic Systems
Sunflower of AkibaCrescent Moon Alliance
Black Sword 'Name'Black Sword Knights
Young Boss8th Shopping District Center
Cannon BallGrandeur
HermitRadio Market
Fairy PharmacistThe 'Name' Firm
The Gloomy Melancholic Princess11th character reason to slip away
Sage of Mirror LakeMagic Scholar
Clown Faced Prick(in my opinion)Tries to mess up the akibahara festival
Ruler of MaihamaLeague of Freedom Cities Eastal
Princess' Personal handmaidElder Maid
Princess' FatherNobleman
Alias/Guild/Party/RaceNameAnother hint
Leauge of Freedom Cities Eastalportly belly with thick bread
League of Freedom Cities EastalMarquis Kryriva
Debauchery Tea Party First Character's Former Leader
Sage 'Name'Honesty
Crescent Moon AllianceFemale Villian in Glasses
Crescent Moon AlliancePuchasing Team Leader
Crescent Moon Alliancehas a crush on 13th Character
Crescent Moon AllianceFox Tail Assassin
Crescent Moon AllianceKannagi class team leader
Crescent Moon AllianceLight novel Character
Crescent Moon AllianceHead Chef/Light Novel Character
Crescent Moon AllianceYounger brother of above charcter
Crescent Moon AllianceHas a Crush on Cat Person
Crescent Moon AllianceBattle Team Leader/Light Novel Character
Crescent Moon AllianceLight Novel Character
Crescent Moon AllianceFemale Fox Tail/Few Apperances
Crescent Moon AllianceUnknown Member
Crescent Moon AllianceUnknown Member
West Wind BrigadeFormer Debauchery Tea Party member
West Wind BrigadeFormer Debauchery Tea Party member
West Wind BrigadeMade Debut 7th Episode/ Female Samurai
West Wind BrigadeLight Novel Character
West Wind BrigadeEpisode 18 of Anime/Elf Druid
West Wind BrigadeMale Bard of the Guild
Alias/Guild/Party/RaceNameAnother hint
West Wind BrigadeFemale Monk/Fought Sahuagin army on beach
West Wind BrigadeRace Of Ritual
West Wind BrigadeWields Dual Tomahawks
West Wind BrigadeSummoner
West Wind BrigadeInterested in 10th character's harem than the character himself
West Wind Brigadeunknown member
West Wind Brigade EmployeeManga Character
Black Sword KnightsMost of the time with Guild Master
D.D.D.Second in command
D.D.D.Guild Master's Personal Assistant
Old man from ArbPeople of the Land
Little Girl from ArbAbove's Granddaughter
Little Boy from ArbAbove's Brother
Dread PackFormer Female PK'er/Thief
Dread PackFormer Male PK'er/Head Thief
Dread PackFormer Male PK'er/Thief
Dread PackFormer Male PK'er/Thief
'Name' of Gray SteelBrigandia
Hamelinhis guild kidnapped weak players/children
Hamelinmultiple scars on his face
HamelinAsssassin that kidnapped Children
Plant HwyadenTries to collect 1st charcter at the end of the season

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