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Can you name the different Dere-Dere types

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initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.
crazy about someone else...often literally and violently.
girl that believes her master deserves a harem, and goes and forcefully abducts girls for him to impregnate/rape.
cold, blunt, cynical, and pretty much doesn't care if her beloved dies. That's what she is on the outside but she is actually caring and nice on the inside.
the word the lead character in 'Kyouran Kazoku Nikki' used to describe herself, since she was a 'goddess'
a girl that is similar to the 1st and 4th answers, but too princess-like to fit into either category
She doesn’t speak at all mostly, but when there’s no one else but you two, she would be sweet to you.
But what if she is so cool rather than cold? And what if such an emotionless girl fawns upon you when she bursts into tears?
this type of girl usually agrees with whatever you say in order to get much intimacy as much as she could.
This type of a dere is dangerous and scary. Think of a heroine that started as a villain trying to kill the protagonist but then switched to his side after falling in love with him

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