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Going home take the long way round, lights pass sit back with the windows down
Every second we fall to fire below, it's so beautiful, the hell that we both made for each other
Cause I've been on your side long before this new girl came by, she does nothin' but tell you lies, I know
If it was up to me, I would take a time machine, to the day I said goodbye
See what you're worth girl, look what you've got, he knows you're out of his league if he likes it or not
Release your curse, cause I know my worth, those wounds you made are gone, you ain't seen nothing yet
Oh I wish that we could chill like we used to do, felt like there was no one in the room except me and you
There's emotions you ain't seen, be your nightmare or your queen
And I swear, i don't even like Hennessy, they call me love drunk, cause I'm far from tipsy
Why you try to rule? What is it with you? Always thinking I can do it better, I can do it better
I know you like to play it slow, but I'm running out of time
I feel your touch when I'm alone at night, but it's just me who's holding tight
I don't wanna live love this way, I don't wanna hide us away, I wonder if it ever will change, I'm living for that day, someday
When you're close I wanna change my mind, but I remember you and what we're like, I don't wanna let you waste my time
You don't know about our love, you choose what you see, cause if you felt the way we love, you'd just let it be
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Created Sep 30, 2019ReportNominate
Tags:Little Mix

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