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' ___ ___ ____, Aishiteru'Hakurei Reimu
InstrumentalScarlet Flandre
'Can't be Alive Without You'Kirisame Marisa and Margatroid Alice
'There are Beginnings (Always Repeating)'Kagiyama Hina
'Usa usa usa usa usa usa...'Inaba Tewi
'Baka baka, baka baka, baka baka!'Cirno
'____, ______, _________-_______!'Ibuki Suika
'Pyon pyon!! Kero kero kero ke-kero kero kero...' 'Kero-kero suruna!'Moriya Suwako
'Rabbits are rabbits are rabbits are rabbits are r-r-r-r-r-r-red eyed! (Red Eyed!)'Reisen Udongein Inaba
'Shiro-kuro hakkiri tsuke danzai!'Yamaxanadu Shikieiki

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