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What did Lucy accidently say to Guy about Lee?
What profession did Rosie tell Tim she had?
What was her real profession?
What was the name of Guy's daughter?
What illness did she have?
What was the name of her son?
What did Lee and Tim think the baby had swallowed?
What were the names of Guy's friends?
What did Tim accidently call Barbara?
What was Daisy's job?
Who did Daisy fall for?
Where did Guy plan to take Lucy on holiday?
What did Lee think Guy was?
Why did Lucy break up with Guy?
What did Lee buy everyone for Christmas?
Who might be Lucy's baby's dad?
What disability did Lee pretend to have?
What disability did Tim pretend to have?
What disability did Daisy pretend to have?
What disability did Lucy pretend to have?
What were the names of the two lesbians that moved in down the hall?
When Lee and Tim threw a party for Lucy, how old was she?
What was the name of Lucy's fake boyfriend?
How did Lee get rid of the fake boyfriend?
Where did the new neighbour move into?
What did Lucy's new company make?
What was the name of the man Lucy planned to marry?
Who did the man end up getting married to?
Where did they go on honeymoon?
What was the name of Lee's dad?
What drug did Tim find in his coat pocket?
What was the name of the butcher?
What was the name of the girl that could have been Lee's daughter?
Who was the girls real dad?
How much money did the film director offer Lee?
What were the names of Lucy's parents?
What does Lucy repay Lee with after he invited Betty to the fireworks?
How many children did Lee and Lucy have in Lee's dream?
Who was the first person Lee spoke to when he woke up?
What was the name of the band Tim joined?
Why did Lee really invite Tim over to watch the cricket?
When camping, what masks were the doggers wearing?
Why did Lee go on the camping trip?
How far was the fun run?
What was the name of the polish lady?
Why did Lee promise to check himself regularly?
Why didnt Lee let the doctor examine him?
What did Lee and Lucy drink?
Who made it?
What did Lee and Lucy think they made?
What was the name of Lucy's clients's pet rabbit?
What was his daughters name?
What name did Lee come up with when panicking?
How did Lucy break her arms?
How many children did the woman already have?
How many more was she having?
What did Lucy study at night school?
Who did the wedding ring belong to?
Who was Lucy's fake husband?
What was the name of Lee's girlfriend?
Why did Lee break up with her?
Who was MC Hammer?
What was the play called?
How many endings was there to this episode?
What realtion was Nancy to Lucy?
Who burnt down Nancy's house
What CD was burnt?
How much money was Frank's boat?
What did Daisy name the dinghey?
Who did the old house belong to?
What was the name of Frank's girlfriend?
What was the name of her grand-daughter?
What did Lucy get Lee for Christmas?
What instrument was the ghost playing?
Where did Frank leave threatening messages?
Who played the ghost in the very last scene?
What relation is he to Lee Mack?

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