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This is an event item throughout the Pokemon series that was later established as an item of great magnitude.
Replaced with the Anglo-Saxon Tracey Sketchit. for a short period of time.
A Pokemon type.
Can statistically fly at over 1500mph.
Can swim but can't learn Surf.
Electric Pokemon that can learn Power Gem.
'The festive city of Opulent Charm.'
A bitter berry.
Its Japanese name is a variation on 'purin', better known as 'pudding'.
Shaped like a conch - Gym Badge
The Pokemon Skarmory was based off the Greek associations of Stymphalian Birds. These were often called Steel ______
Kurt's granddaughter.
A rare item that has no use except cash profit purposes.
Only Pokemon move to have reference to the name of the Pokemon in it.
The most physically dangerous Pokemon.
Known to be a hybrid of Starmie.
Raises Sp. Attack lowers Sp. Defense.
Can surprisingly mate with a Wailord.
Voted the cutest Pokemon since 2008,
Brock's Pokemon resemblance, as a being of knowledge.
Additional item to the Pokemon franchise which allows you to battle via Pokemon figurines.
Between the Johto Mainlands and Route 41.
Shadow Lugia's codename.
If custom made, a Moon Ball's primary ingredient.
One of the two pokemon to retain 'Pickup' through evolution.

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