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Soft, pale and creamy French cheese
UK equivalent of a Grammy
Helpful if you go fishing
Simpson Jr
Shakespeare - the '_ _ _ _ of Avon'
Three feet
Cornish, stinging nettle wrapped cheese
Need this if you want to sew or knit
'Al's Toy _ _ _ _'. Shop from Toy Story 2
Adult female equine
Winning chess position - check _ _ _ _
To dispense punishment
Plato & Pythagoras were _ _ _ _ physicians
White Greek cheese often found in salads
2nd letter of Greek alphabet
Black and yellow striped insects
Monetary charges
A bad dancer might have two left _ _ _ _
Notable achievement
Not what a vegetatian wants for lunch!
Watery castle surrounder
Capricorn animal
Joseph had a mulicoloured one
Jerome - Three Men In A _ _ _ _
Wild pig
Lion's version of 'miaow'!
'54 Hitchcock Film, '_ _ _ _ Window'
_ _ _ _ Madrid, football side from the Spanish capital
A duck and/or the green named after it
_ _ _ _ America: World Police
Another name for a streetcar
One of Noah's grandsons
Eve's other half
Dutch cheese with famous red coat. Made backwards.

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