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Last LineVideo
'For Money!'
'Anddddd into the ravine.'
'I'll be honest--I don't fully understand where that leaves us.'
'It might be a meat organ.'
'And I would be the sexiest Chalupa of them all. Hey, Robert, can you get that?'
'I kill people and I eat hands, that's, that's two things.'
'Saddam Hussein.'
'My death bat daughter is a WH*RE!!'
'Aww, they took my freakin' kidney.'
'It's okay, Bino. I have more.'
'I'm hungry, let's find an IHOP.'
'If you'll excuse me, I have some pictures to delete from my computer.'
Last LineVideo
'REGULAR cheerios!'
'What? What do you want?'-'Blblblbl!'
'Why do you even come here, papaya? Nobody likes you!'-'Aww...'
'Man, that is from last episode, how is that still goin'?'
'Thanks, Obama!'
'I don't understand how you keep forgetting that.'
'Johnson, you're fired.'-'TOTALLY...'
'Oh God, I hate you so much, Ponita!'
'That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence.'
'Oh look, it's my kidney.'
'We did it!'-'We kidnapped the sun!'-'No!!!'
'Police on their way over?'-'Probably.'-'Fantastic.'-'Yep.'

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