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Leader of New Genesis
Head Scientist of New Genesis
Heroic son of Darkseid
Bug from New Genesis
Master of Apokolips
Sadistic Apokoliptian Torturer
Enemy of Scott Free with multiple bodies
Foppish Assassin
The Uncle General
Female Fury with massive forehead
Bulky Female Fury
Female Fury with energy claws
Female Fury with an affinity for belts
The god of escapes
Hero and former Female Fury Leader
Wielder of the Mobuis Chair
The slickest New God on skiis
Twisted son of Darkseid
The second strongest being on Apokolips
Team of Amphibius Villains
Speedy Friend of Orion
Brother of Darkseid
Mother box-keeping member of the Forever People
Woman member of the Forever People
Cowboy-inspired member of the Forever People
Physically largest member of the Forever People
Electricity-wielding member of the Forever People
Sinister New God Evangelist
Pursuer from Apokolips, Looks like Galactus
Prussian-influenced Apokoliptian commander

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