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'The 'blessings' of excess are only a burden on us...'
'The tourment of your eyes has awakened my soul, the pain of a moments time will forever beg your forgiveness...'
'When I doubt, You stand by me...'
'While my thoughts ran to the highest hills, my heart never reached the sea...'
'In looking to the end we've lost sight of where to begin...'
'Some things never change, some things never go away...'
'We have all heard, what we wanted to hear...'
'I'd rather be called weak than die thinking I was strong...'
'When I wake from this dream, will your smile still open my heart, and leave me transparent...'
'With a world passing through my fingers, I still chase the wind...'
As time goes on, some months are yet to pass...'
'With a peace of me taken away, I begin to understand...'
'I know you are the one we left behind...'
'When we've awakened to admit we're all enslaved, then there is freedom in our choice to disobey...'
'With empty eyes I looked ahead, with clarity I now look back...'

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