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Can you answer all 30 quesitons in this Survivor Quiz from Seasons 1 to 28?

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Who was the first male contestant ever to be voted out of Survivor?
Who was the first Survivor to compete in four seasons of Survivor?
Michael Skupin was the first contestant to be evacuated from Survivor. Who was the second?
Who was the first Survivor Winner to be unanimously selected by the jury to win?
What was the nickname of Survivor:China contestant Michael Zernow?
Which Survivor contestant said, 'I am your friend but if you f*ck with me you're dead. Seriously you are done! Just letting you know.'
During their time in Thailand, which contestant constructed a pet cemetery, containing a baby bat and parts of a chicken?
In Survivor Amazon Butch Lockley's luxury item was a banner, what did it say?
Lopevi and Yasur were the names of the original tribes on which season of Survivor?
What was the first season to feature a contestant who was a relative to a previous contestant?
In the first 21 days of Survivor: Palau, only one member of the Koror tribe was voted off, who was it?
What was the first season to have an even-numbered Jury, with eight members?
Who was the last surviving male on Survivor: One World?
Name a contestant from Survivor: Australian Outback who was from New York?
Who was Rudy Boesch referring to when he said 'For a homosexual, he's one of the nicest guys I ever met.'
Name one of the four contestants that appeared on both Survivor: All Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains?
Who was the highest placing non-returning castaway in Survivor: Blood Vs Water?
What was the first season of Survivor to utilize the Rock Drawing tiebreaker?
On Survivor: Cagayan who was the first contestant voted off of the original Aparri tribe?
Name one of the two castaways voted for in the very first 'first impressions' twist?
Who is the only castaway to compete as both a 'Fan' and a 'Favorite'?
Name one of the five castaways who were twenty nine years of age during filming of Survivor: Gabon?
The three original tribes on Survivor: All Stars were Chapera, Saboga and what?
How many members of the Zapatera tribe on Survivor: Redemption Island have returned to the game since?
Name one of the two Survivor Seasons to have the original tribes split by age?
Which other contestant did Survivor Cook Islands contestant Billy Garcia think was in love with him?
What was Gervase Peterson's luxury item on Survivor: Boreo?
Who was the first person to voluntarily quit Survivor?
Which contestant from Survivor: Guatemala was a hotel doorman?
In Survivor Africa what movie did Frank and Brandon watch as part of their reward challenge?

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