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In a Survivor: Vanuatu reward challenge 'Head Hunter', Leann won a helicopter ride and a picnic lunch of chicken wings and champagne. who did she share it with?
Who was the first Survivor Winner to possess a Hidden Immunity Idol?
Which female castaway has held the most weight in the 'Shoulder the Load' challenge?
Which season of Survivor was was the first season in which the finalists were of the same gender?
In episode one of Survivor: Samoa who did Foa Foa elect as their 'Tribe Leader'?
Which season of Survivor season was the first season to not include an African-American male castaway?
At the end of season 30 who was the last contestant to win Survivor without receiving a single elimination vote?
Who is the youngest person ever to be a contestant on Survivor? (at the time of the season)
Who was the first member of the original Rarotonga to be voted off of Survivor: Cook Islands?
Who was the oldest female member of the original Solana tribe on Survivor: Cagayan?
Which castaways tribes have include Sook Jai and Chaboga Mogo?
Which contestant on Survivor: Thailand wrote 'Bye Bye Denver Diva' on his voting parchment?
What number was Greg Buis thinking of when he asked Richard and Kelly to pick a number between 1 and 10?
Name one of the two contestants from Survivor: Marquesas that was from New York?
Who was the only candidate from Survivor: Blood Vs Water that was not voted for to return for Survivor: Cambodia?
Who played a Hidden Immunity Idol in episode 4 of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains?
What color buffs did Kasama, the merged tribe of Galang and Tadhana from Survivor: Blood vs. Water, wear?
Fill the gap: 'Tarzan approached _______ about reforming the original male Manono alliance along with Alicia. Michael told Tarzan that he was in, but in reality he was not...'?
Who was the oldest castaway on Survivor: Guatemala?
In Survivor: Guatemala name one of the contestants voted 'most in need of nourishment' by their tribe members?
What was Michael's surname on Survivor: Caramoan?
How many Survivor: Cagayan contestants returned for Survivor:Cambodia?
What was the name of Shane Powers' son who was the youngest person ever to compete in a 'Loved Ones Challenge'?
Who was the first Survivor contestant to be voted off twice in one season?
In Episode 13 of Survivor: Redemption Island Grant was voted out 4 -1, who did Grant cast his vote for?
What was the first season of Survivor to have an even-numbered Jury, with eight members?
Who is the oldest (at time of win) ever winner of Survivor?
Which castaway of Survivor: Gabon was a fashion photographer?
Which Survivor season has produced the most returning players with a total of 8 castaways?
Who is the only contestant from Survivor: Fiji to have returned for another season?
Who was the last surviving member of the Galu tribe on Survivor:Samoa?
In Episode 7 of Survivor: Samoa, Liz was voted out of the Foa-Foa tribe 4 -1, who did Liz cast her vote for?
Which season of Survivor introduced the highest number of three time players, with a total of four?
Which castaway holds the record for the most Exile Island visits with a total of five?
Which castaway was evacuated on day three of Survivor: One World?
At the end of season 30 who was the last contestant to win by unanimous decision?
'That we could..... have cookies?' was said to Jeff at tribal council by which Survivor: Phillipines castaway?
What was Clarence Black's luxury item in Survivor: Africa?
Name a contestant that has been a firefighter that has appeared on a 'fans' tribe?
What is the most common color for a merged tribe on Survivor?
“Two girls. One brain. Divide by two. Only one halfwit left.' were the voting confessional words of which Survivor: Amazon contestant?
Who won the very first Survivor loved ones challenge?
Who is the shortest contestant to have ever played Survivor?
The two original tribes in Survivor: South Pacific were Savaii and what?
Who was the first contestant voted out of Survivor: Amazon?
How many males have won Survivor? (up to and including season 30)
Which NFL teammate of Gary Hogeboom competed on Survivor: Redemption Island?
Who said these final words in Survivor: Phillipines, 'Well-played to Penner. He managed to pull off the improbable. Well-played, all I can do is applaud him.'?
Which Survivor: Thailand contestants luxury item was a shaving kit?
What was Paschal's luxury item on Survivor: Marquesas?
Who was the youngest castaway on Survivor: Vanuatu?
Who was the first winner of Survivor to have been born in the 1980s?
In Survivor: Pearl Islands which contestant became the first woman to win individual immunity since Jenna Morasca won in The Amazon?
Which castaway cried when Robb was voted out in episode six of Survivor: Thailand?
Who did Cochran cast his vote for in the final tribal council of Survivor: South Pacific?
Who was the tallest castaway of Survivor: Palau at 6'8' (207cm)?
Who is the only contestant to have voted for the same person as the winner twice?
What was the nickname of Gary Stritesky on Survivor: Fiji?
Including Survivor: Cambodia, how many seasons of Survivivor have featured returning players?
Name one of the only two seasons to not have a debutant return in a future season?
Who was the only jury member to vote for Matthew at the final tribal council of Survivor: Amazon?
Who said, 'I came here tonight undecided about who I was gonna vote for. My question was important, and I think Colby was honest and direct. Um, Tina didn't answer it...'
What was the occupation of Survivor: Thailand contestant Ken Stafford?
Which three time player once said,'I have no alliances, I have no allegiances, I don't care. Everybody's equal. They are all ready to die.'?
Name any one of the only three castaways to have been on both Exile and Redemption Islands?
Who was the youngest member of the Survivor: Worlds Apart cast?
Who was the first castaway voted off of Survivor: Gabon?
Who said, 'Damn! I can't believe I got booted off. I can't believe I thought Rob was going to be there for me. It was stupid, actually; it was a stupid play...'?
Who is the only Grammy®-nominated Survivor contestant?
Who was the first contestant to ever buy an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge?
The original tribes on Survivor: Panama were named Casaya, Bayoneta, La Mina and what?
What was the real first name of Survivor: Fiji contestant 'Rocky'?
Aside from Russell Hantz who is the only Survivor contestant to have won the 'Fan Favorite' award twice?
Who was the only jury member that voted for Stephenie LaGrossa to win Survivor: Guatemala?
Who was the tenth castaway voted off Survivor: Vanuatu which made them the first member of the jury?
Who was sent home after losing the nature quiz tiebreaker in Survivor: Africa?
Who once said, 'I'm gonna be a total bitch, I'm gonna get rid of who I have to get rid of, I'm gonna hurt people's feelings, I'm gonna laugh when people cry, and I'm gonna own it'?
What was the name of the merged tribe in Survivor:Caramoan?
Who won the first individual immunity challenge in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?
Who were the first pair to have both members of the couple voted out of the game in Survivor: Blood Vs Water?
Who is the oldest contestant on Survivor: Cambodia?
Who, during the Survivor: Australian Outback auction, purchased a Mountain Dew, Six French Fries With Ranch Dressing, and a glass of dirty river water?
Who won the 'Learn From Past Mistakes/Second Chance' individual reward challenge in Survivor: Nicaragua?
Who was the first female Survivor castaway to win the 'Fan Favorite' award?
Who was the oldest female to compete on Survivor: China?
Name either of the contestants that tied for first place for the Sexiest Female of All Time Ozcars in the 2013/2014 Survivor Oz awards?
Who was voted as the 'Fan Favorite' for Survivor: Nicaragua?
Who was the last remaining member of the Timbira tribe in Survivor: Tocantins?
What nickname did Phillip Sheppard give Brenda Lowe after she joined the Stealth R Us 2.0 alliance?
Who was the first man to win multiple individual Immunity Challenges?
Which contestant in Survivor: Nicaragua said, 'Beauty fades dumb is forever'?
Yul, Ozzy, Becky and which other contestant made up the Aitu Four?
'This has been an absolute experience of a lifetime. I never dreamed I'd make it to being one of the sixteen Survivors much less be one of the five remaining Survivors....'
Who was the only jury member to cast a vote for Katie to win Survivor: Palau?
Who was the only jury member to cast a vote for Phillip Sheppard to win Survivor: Redemption Island?
Who was Rodney Lavoie Jr. referring to when he said 'We've been together for 37 days. And guess what? I just outwitted you, baby girl.'?
How many Survivor contestants have had the surname 'Smith'?
Who was the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart?
Brandon Hantz and which other Survivor castaway hold the record for the most weight held (240 pounds) in the 'Shoulder the Load' challenge?
Who said, 'The Reward Challenge was sucky. Keith won which means he got an advantage. You know, it's frustrating because he is the biggest challenge threat.'?

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