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Can you name the 6-letter words about Game of Thrones character Petyr Baelish?

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* Small *
Petty gossip (Rung 2 - Rung 3)
Petty gossip (Rung 2 - Rung 3)
* Game of thrones episode '____ of the Bastards' *
Domesticated bovine animals
Curved hindpart of a horse's saddle
Layer between Earth's crust and outer core
To ruin or spoil
Twist into confused mess
A discordant ringing sound
Home to the monkey, snake and tiger
To make a mess of
Adventure sport: _____ jumping
Exploding firework (Australian slang)
One who engages in brief periods of over indulgence
Edge position in hockey, soccer and rugby
* House Stark motto '______ is coming' *
A slothful, envious or greedy person
E.g., Axl, Billie Joe, Björk
* E.g., Index or pinky *

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